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Hello Out There, I would like to know if there are any ITT Tech students from the Chicago area out there. I will be starting there program soon (December 5th) and would like to hear from any of ITTs current nursing... Read More

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    I have a situation that if anyone can help wih information i will really appreciate it. I recently got accepted into the nursing program at ITT. My problem is I have a misdeamenor from 2007 on my background which I informed the school about. I was under he assumption that I could get the charge sealed on my background. Which I just found out that I dont qualify for it for another year which will be 4 months after my clinicals are scheduled to start. I dont want to start the program if I will absolutly not be able to do the clinicals because of my background. Does anyone know of any suggestions to help. Ive been hearing about a waiver from the illinois dept. of health. Which I plan to check into asap if anyone knows of any info again please comment.