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  1. Hi fellow nurses-

    I am a nursing student at the University of Florida. After graduation, I am looking to move to IL to be with my boyfriend. I've done a lot of research RE: Illinois nursing board licensing.... it looks like so much fun (haha).

    I'm looking for a timeline of when I should start the paperwork. Even though my BSN program is in Florida, can I take the NCLEX in IL? Should I take it in FL and then get an endorsement from the state of Illinois??

    I'm so lost on what to do. I graduate in early August of 2014... just trying to plan for what to do. I don't want to move to IL and not be able to work because I don't have the proper licensure. I also have a valid FL CNA license.

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   Gators2010
    Well, first of all, GO GATORS!!

    Did you ever find out info on going from FL to IL license?

    Thanks : )
  4. by   so_good124
    id start the paperwork for transferring your cna license now if all else fails you will at least have the cna license while here in illnois
    -pro maybe you can be a cna and then transfer to a rn job within the same place ( competitive here for jobs)

    state of Illinois moves very slow so that's why I suggested starting cna transfer process now.
    - im in school for nursing now but I am a licensed hairstylist , I went to school in Wisconsin and moved here for my boyfriend and so I took the exam here and got licensed here took 2 months !!!! one of my coworkers moved from Indiana and had 3 years experience so didn't have to take exam but still took 2 months for her too !

    whether you take nclex in florida or here in Illinois I think will take same amount of time
    - take test in florida then apply for endorsement takes time
    -take test in Illinois and get Illinois license still takes 2-3 months so either way takes time you know
    fyi Illinois does grant a temp license for already rn licensed persons from other states (not sure how long that takes to get though)...Illinois website for information isn't good compared to like texas board of nursing is very spelled out

    but if you already have cna license will have something at least until the 2-3 months of getting you rn license
    also know people who finished in may but exam/license process didn't get until july or august here in Illinois ...ironically a lot of my hair clients are nurses lol.

    hope this hopes
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