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  1. 0 I am hoping to find some basic information. I was on the Advocate website, but I cannot find specific information on requirements for applying as a "new graduate nurse." In fact, when I did a job search, no nursing jobs showed up. Hm. Encouraging, huh?

    Anywho, I am applying to Chicago area hospitals, and have been applying to "down state" hospitals as well. Here, "down state" where I went to school, I am familiar with their residency program, their requirements, and the rules for applying.

    Can anyone give me a lesson on the same for Illinois Masonic. I am interested in "residency" programs; or a formal orientation-training program for a new graduate nurse.

    Thanks so much, and much regards to the nurses here on the boards!
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    You might look at their website. It's easily found on the web. Advocate Illinois Masonic has a Versant program and the next cohort is August 2011. The deadline for submission of applications was April 1.

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