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IL RN license endorsement background check and application

  1. 0 Hi, I am currently a new grad in Michigan with my MI RN license. I want to apply to get my IL license by endorsement and have a question regarding the background check portion. I have tried to contact the Dept. that takes care of all of this licensure stuff but I cannot get through them. Does anyone know if I can send my application packet without having confirmation of fingerprinting? Or do I need to wait until Monday when I get fingerprinted and send everything together? Thank you!
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    Wait until you have everything they require, otherwise, it delays processing.
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    Living in Illinois and dealing with our not-so-great government agencies---I agree w/luvazsun......wait until you have everything necessary; make copies of EVERYTHING you have before you send it it and send it CERTIFIED MAIL! That way; if it gets lost (and believe you me it's NOT unusual for the state to lose something) you have proof of when it was sent and what was sent. Illinois--vote early, vote often, even if you're dead! LOL!
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    Thank you so much!
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    Once you complete your application process, you will be given a notice to explain your background and then either what is called a "Notice of Intent to Deny" or a "Notice of Disciplinary Conference" depending on how severe the circumstances. Either way you will most likely get a chance to meet with the nursing board.