I just got a DUI... - page 2

I still cant believe this happened to me. This last Sat. night I was coming home from my girlfiends bachlorette party. I was pulled over and got a DUI. Im sooo mad at myself for letting this happen. My record was spotless... Read More

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    I can't help myself but think, did you read ANY of my threads. Yes, I admitted my father had a drinking problem and got messed up with DUI's....but I'm fairly sure the tone I had towards the OP (compared with some others) were hopeful and supportive. I wonder why you are so personally affected by this topic. Please go back and read mine and also read the OP's response to our overall concern. Seems she gets it and you don't.........again to the OP, time to move in a positive direction for yourself. Chin up and hit those books!

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