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Does anyone know exactly how long it takes to get endorsed in IL? I know it takes a while and I can never get through to get an exact answer so I was wondering if anyone in here knew. A classmate of... Read More

  1. by   sincere74
    thanks for the advice..... p.s. try not too be so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time it's only a question....
  2. by   michellehagele
    just a heads up, IL doesnt recognize any onkine LPN TO RN PROGRAMS.. sorry, hope it helped i learned the hard way.
  3. by   jen012
    I have an RN license in Michigan, but I am interested in possibly moving to Chicago. Im guessing the answer is yes, but do you have to have your Illinois license before you apply to jobs? Or will they still interview you/consider you with an out of state license?
  4. by   michellehagele
    you can interview in illinois without your license but you have to have your license here to start, and it takes several weeks to get an illinois license, so i would apply for endorsment early...
  5. by   anewme26
    Hi all,

    I am facing the same long wait for endorsing into IL from IN. I sent my app in at the beginning of the month (July 2010) and after getting a letter thinking the license was on it's way I learned that the app had just been recognized as received by the IDFPR and was forwarded to the Nursing Licensure Unit who by the way was backlogged nearly two weeks (meaning they were just now processing apps that were put in the system, not received, on JUly 10th, and mine was put in on the 20th), THe snobby phone rep said at best I can expect to recieve a temp permit next week. I for the life of me cant understand why the processes for everything related to nursing in IL takes so Darn long...

    And as a side note to a prior comment about IL not accepting any online LPN/RN programs...that is not completely true. According to the IL nursing act, IL does not accept programs that do not have an onsite/physical component for clinicals. Right now one LPN to BSN program that they are accepting is the one thru Indiana State University which happens to have physical clinical sites within IL or you have the ability to chose your own site if they meet program requirements.
    Erika S. Jeffery, LPN
  6. by   michellehagele
    I finally recieved my ILLINOIS license about 4-5 days ago, so it took almost 4 weeks.. Thank Goodness i have it, and im done messin with all that, good luck to you all.
  7. by   MS. ICANDOIT
    After sitting on hold for 22 minutes this morning I was told by a very helpful rep that temp permits are running about 3 weeks right now. Good luck everyone, I know I need it
  8. by   anewme26
    As an update to my reply a few weeks ago...

    You do usually hold for a long time to talk to a representative, however the information they give is usually correct. I called and I was told by the rep they were running about six day behind, meaning that if on July 25th they were working on apps that were put in their system by IDPFR by the 19th. I finally got approved for endorsement on Aug. 2nd, and it showed online on the 3rd. To date I have not received my physical paper license or permit. Since I didnt need a permit I asked if my money would be refunded and thhe answer was no, that the two wouldd come together, but what kind of sense did that make . Total time for processing was about three and a half weeks.
  9. by   michellehagele
    I had all the paperwork done correctly than i took it to the main office in springfield,IL and paid the money, i think that helped it get here quickly.. I didnt do the temp they said if you already have an LPN and are waiting for RN the temp is not worth the extra money
  10. by   RN_lor
    I am a new grad nurse.. Originally licensed in The state of NY on sept 9, 2010.. I decided to move to IL, and after getting all requirements for endorsement in IL, I submitted my application sept30th through express mail.. I got the confirmation that IDFPR received my application the following week, the letter was dated October 1st... Yesterday, I looked up my name in IDFPR's website & saw my name, the license issue date is October 13th, active status now.. So it didn't take that long for me to get my license.. A total of 13 days including non-business days .. Pretty fast.. I'm just waiting for the actual license to get in the mail now

    pS: I also filed for a temporary permit but I guess they are giving a real license already.. Bye bye $25.. Just wasted money I'll update when I get the actual license
  11. by   icunurse42066
    I know that the OP is old, and I would hope that they have their IL license by now (HAHAHAHAAHA), but it took me about 6 weeks AFTER they received all of my info, and I went to RN school in IL, but got my KY license as that is my home state. I will say this, once you get your IL license, DO NOT EVER LET THEM LAPSE!!! I didn't renew mine the last time and when I called to see what I had to do, they told me that I had to WRITE A LETTER AND MAIL IT IN!!!!!! I don't know if they know it or not in IL, but we DO have e-mail and the internet!!
  12. by   traumaRUs
    Nope - in IL, we have a horseless carriage. I let my license almost expire one time and one time only - had to drive to Springfield, wait in longggg line with other stupid people and had to process everything by hand.
  13. by   joanekiser
    why get a temp license instead of a permanent one? can you be hired with a temp license??

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