hospitals 10pm-6am and kids?

  1. Hi, I'd like to know which hospitals hire RNs to work 10pm-6am ?it seems most (resurrection, etc) only have 11pm-7am as far as night shift. I have child care/take kids to school in morning issues and can't work 11pm-7am nor 7am-7pm nor 7pm-7am.Pretty much limits my options, I know, but my kids are under 2 years old and daycare way too much money, while my other one is 5 and has to be in school by 8am. Working until 7am I'd never make it on time to take him to school. How do those of you with kids that are young and no family help do it???
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  3. by   Misskala
    I struggle with this issue being a single mom to a kindergartner, and no RN schedule really is perfect. During school my mom came over in the AM when I left for clinicals, and this let my son still sleep and she took him to school.

    There are alot of different solutions but you have to be creative. Check with your hospital. Some have daycare where you can drop them off at the start of your AM shift. They can take care of your kids all day during your shift, or a school bus often is routed to come by and pick up the kids and take them to school.

    I have heard of some daycare centers also doing sleep overs for night sift workers.

    You can also drop the kids off with a friend, or neighbor, or other mom with kids, on your way to morning shift. This person can then get the kids on a bus, or watch the kids herself, or drive them to where they need to go if they go to school.

    Or you can take a day shift in LTC that is more like 7am-3pm if you can get it which may cut down on childcare.

    Look into nursing facilities with childcare options. And ask other single moms/working moms how they do it!

    Best of luck!