Help- what are the requirements for Truman College nursing!

  1. Hi everyone. I am so excited I found this forum as Truman is my top choice nursing school and I"m applying for Fall 2012. I only have until February to get my prereqs done. My questions are:::

    1. Do you NEED those classes like Micro, A&P I&II etc to get IN ?
    When you look at the nursing app. checklist it says only Eng 101, Bio, Chem and Math are the prereqs needed to APPLY. (I had eng already, i'm taking bio and chem this semester and I also already have math from another school)
    It's just that I've seen a lot of students in the program or applying take those extra classes as well (and I know it gives you a better chance of getting in), but are they REQUIRED? Do many students take Micro, Pharm, etc. WHILE IN nursing school? (Is that really hard to do?)

    I got into the applying process late as I just realized the deadline was Feb and luckily I was able to still register for those prereq classes for this semester .

    So far in Feb. at the deadline I will have done prereqs,(just the 4) have a CNA license and CNA work experience, hospital volunteer experience and probably around a 3.0 to 3.5 GPA (total during all my college courses), plus have a couple letters of recommendation and will have scored well on COMPASS reading (not worried about that at all).

    WHat do you think my chances are of getting in without taking all these extra courses that a lot of students take?

    Sorry that was so long. Any advice appreciated
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  3. by   loveblossom
    You should take as many of the classes as you can.If they accept people on a point system,someone who has those other classes would score higher than you and would have a better chance of being admitted. The school might also see you as more likely to succeed because you have all of your core courses done-so more time to focus on the nursing courses.
  4. by   zbb13
    You only need the prerequisites. That's it. The other classes would be nice, and they are going to look at your overall GPA (CCC) and compass score. The CNA, etc. won't mean much to them, unfortunately.

    That being said, it would be best if you could complete the other classes. The program is tough--it's a tremendous amount of work, so it is that much more difficult if you have to take them, too.
  5. by   krstybrght
    I met up with an advisor today and she wasn't very clear on the steps I needed to take to get into the Nursing program. I was told that I have to do the required prerequites(MATH118, ENG101, CHEM121, BIO121)
    Then, once I apply and get accepted into the nursing program that I would have to complete corequisites which is BIO, CHEM, MICRO and PHARM.
    Does this sound about right? If so, can't I just take these classes now?
    Thank you