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So I'm about to be 24 in May and I just BARELY started getting everything together for college (yes, 5 years later). I will be attending evening courses at Oakton Community College to begin my pre-reqs for nursing, however, I'll... Read More

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    I suck at and hate math, I took every remedial math course to get into my program, I also scored like a 58% in math on my nursing school entrance test (but a 98% in science), and got into my school of choice on the first attempt. I went to Oakton, but transferred to TCC in Texas to get my ADN. I have worked full time throughout school - prereq's and nursing school, even though everyone said it can't be done, and guess what? TODAY I AM A R.N.!!!!!!!! You can do it!!! Hell, I dropped out of Sandwich, IL H.S. 14 years ago, and all I can say is it takes hard work and dedication. TCC is one of the most sought after BSN programs to get into in the state of Texas, and I thought I couldn't do it. I also thought I may fail due to overwork/school the entire 2 years of my BSN, but I didn't. YOU CAN DO THIS - and if you have any doubt (which god knows, i was plagued with), message me. The best advice I can give you is don't give up, and when you get in IMMEDIATELY apply for all PCT positions available. Most grads in my class are having a hard time getting a job, but the few who did were PCT's during the latter half of their ADN program. GOOD LUCK, GOD BLESS, KEEP US UPDATED!
    Oh, also my hospital pays for the ADN to BSN as long as you've worked there before becoming an R.N. - and may I add, I am 32 years old.

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