El Centro/Northlake application and points for nursing

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    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there is applying for the Fall 2011? I've only managed to accumulate 13 points because I am currently taking AP II, and then taking Micro in the summer - so I couldn't use those towards my points. Does anyone know if people have been accepted with 13 points before, at either el centro or northlake?

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    Hi Nars, I'm not too sure either. My point total is 15 and Im really nervous about getting in. I think that if you apply to both programs your odds are better.
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    Hi RNSS1, thanks for the reply. I've got all my digits crossed but I'm not holding my breath. I don't want to be that disappointed if I'm not accepted this semester. I will definitely be a shoe in for Spring though.
    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks Nars, good luck to you too! I think a lot of applicants are really nervous, including myself. It feels like there are so many people applying. Im hoping if I just keep at it and not get discouraged, and look at the long term goal, hopefully things will work out.
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    I'm sure you will be fine. I heard the target points are 16. So I think you are in pretty good shape with 15. Do you know a lot of people that are applying? I've only met a handful. Most of my AP II class are going for radiology or applying for nursing next semester - so I haven't seen or heard of a lot of people who are applying for Fall.
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    I hope you guys get in. Question? How was the Hesi test and how do you prepare for it? I'm currently a student at El Centro and would like to get in the ADN PROGRAM BY SPRING 2012.
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    So, only 3 days until they finally mail those acceptance letters. I was told in the Nursing Admin office that they had over 400 applicants for Fall 2011. i also just finished microbiology, and there was a girl who got in with 12 points. Actually she got in on a call back, someone apllied but then didn't accept their spot. This whole process is a bit frustrating to begin with, but then allowing people to add missing items to their packs after the deadline is a lot to swallow. After all, at the info session I was told that if your packet was in correct, it was in the shredder. And she said she was cooking with chicken...
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    Moved to IL Nursing Programs Discussion to elicit more discussion.
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    Ok guys I haven't been nervous until Friday, ever since then I've felt really nauseous . When do yall think we will get them in the mail? I really hope its Monday because I don't think I can make it another day.
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    Has anyone received their letters yet?? My mail doesn't get here until noon... got my fingers crossed that it arrives today!

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