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Does a RN salary cut it in Chicago? - page 2

I have a question.... Is 56,000 a decent salary to live on in Chicago? I'm moving there from NYC where I'm making 84,000! I expected a lower salary considering the lower cost of living but it still... Read More

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    Quote from yamkins
    Mr Chicago, the link doesn't work (at least for me)
    Fixed the link for you:

    Cost of Living comparison calculator
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    RN with 16 yrs experience, thinking about taking a travel contract in Chicago and if all goes well, staying on perm. I just came back from Philly, am now in Raleigh, and we are looking for an adventure! I love city living, but I know parking in any large city is costly at best. Oak Park/Riverside sound like nice long as there is easy PT around, I don't mind being just outside the city. Any info on hospitals and getting license by endorsement appreciated!