Difficulty of General Educations at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

  1. Hi. Does anyone know how difficult the general education at the University of Illinois at Chicago is on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest? Please explain your reasoning.
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  3. by   roser13
    OP, when someone posts a question such as this, I'm never quite sure what they're looking for. "Difficulty" is such a relative concept. For instance:

    What's your IQ?
    Do you have good study habits?
    What's your educational background?
    Which electives are you taking?
    Will you be working while you go to school?

    All of those factors, plus many more, weigh into whether anyone thinks a school is difficult or easy.

    Not to mention that this is a nursing forum and I'm uncertain why you asked a bunch of nurses about a general education school.
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  4. by   chicagoing
    Are you interested in applying to UIC's BSN program? I am not sure if UIC gives preferential treatment to those students who will be making an internal transfer to the nursing program over those who will be transferring from other institutions.

    Taking your pre-reqs/gen eds will save you a lot of money, though, since tuition at UIC has been steadily increasing.
  5. by   K_girl
    i did part of my undergrad @ UIC. The classes were pretty average, I think. I had some trouble understanding some of my professors since some spoke with very strong accents. If I had questions outside of class , I felt more comfortable talking to my classmates.

    Their grading scale is not the standard 90,80,70, etc. That didn't go so well with me since most of my grades would have normally been an A or B but ended up getting bumped down.

    good luck!