DePaul's MENP Fall 2011

  1. Has anyone else applied to DePaul's MENP program for the Fall 2011 term? If so, has anyone heard back from them?
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  3. by   orkydancer
    Hello. Ive applied as well but havent heard anything. I looked at old postings from past years, and it looks like people seemed to start hearing back beginning of April. Post back if you do hear!!
  4. by   nibs2
    I figured that much, but I'm just getting impatient. What made you decide to apply to the MENP program? Did you apply to any other master's entry programs?
  5. by   mintycandy88
    I also applied for Fall 2011 but I have not heard back yet. Let me know when you do! I'm really eager to hear back!
  6. by   orkydancer
    @nibs: right now, DePaul was the only one I applied to. I did my undergrad there and really loved the whole package. Even though Ive heard a few contradicting things about the MENP program, having gone there I just feel like it was a great fit, and hope that grad school will be similar. Plus, I wasn't really interested in getting another bachelor's like some of the other programs offer. How about you?
  7. by   nibs2
    I'm actually finishing up my BA this semester at UIC. I was considering applying there also, but I wasn't a big fan of their program. They require you to pick a specialty area before applying, and after reading FAQs I found out that it normally takes 3.5-5.5 years to complete...ouch. I'm really anxious to find out so I hope they don't take too long to get back to us. Good luck!
  8. by   abulgaru
    I did not hear back from DePaul either. I saw that one person posted on March 12th, 2011 that he got admitted. Here's the link How is it possible that he got in so quickly? It hasn't even been 2 weeks since the deadline. Im really confused now.
  9. by   nibs2
    I saw that post as well and I was confused. It doesn't really make sense that they'd send any replies that soon, because when I talked to someone in admissions on March 4th he said that the admissions board hadn't even seen the applications yet. If he said he got it the week before the 12th that would have had to be the day after I talked to someone. Also, he got two replies for the note both dated 1/ I'm not sure how someone could have replied before he even posted the message? Either way it doesn't really make sense, and I feel like maybe the date of the post wasn't correct and it was from a former year..I'm not sure?
  10. by   Annagw
    Hello everyone,

    I have also applied to Depaul's program for the fall '11 cohort.
    I am anxious to hear, so please post if you hear anything!

  11. by   orkydancer
    I think the date on that other post is wrong, like someone else mentioned. The timeframe just doesnt work if he actually got accepted.
  12. by   nibs2
    Somewhat bad news...I have not taken organic or inorganic chemistry yet. I applied for the fall because a nurse practitioner (who has completed the MENP program) told me it would be a good idea to apply. I got an email from DePaul today asking for proof of enrollment, which I don't have. =( I wanted to know if anyone else is missing ANY prereqs, and if you have taken organic did you take survey/basic of organic chemistry or did you take the actual regular orgo!? Thanks!!
  13. by   orkydancer
    I took the regular chem sequence since my undergrad was in Bio. I was actually missing human anatomy ( I took human physiology, but somehow plant anatomy??) so I am taking it at a comm college now, and had to send those transcripts. I emailed them about it a few months ago and thats what they told me to do. They also mentioned it at the info meeting. GL.
  14. by   nibs2
    I guess I should just email them and find out. I know for a lot of nursing majors they just have you take the survey to organic but I'm not sure if they'll except that. Also I'm having a hard time finding inorganic anywhere but UIC which requires you to take a wholllleee lot of chem before ever being able to enroll.

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