DePaul MENP Winter 2012

  1. I have applied to the DePaul Master's Entry Nursing Program for Winter 2012. I have not heard anything from them yet and I was wondering if anyone else had applied or heard anything?
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  3. by   ruthieb
    Still waiting here too....
  4. by   sam2011
    still waiting . Iam so anxious and nervous I just want to know if Iam in or not . The wait is so bad
  5. by   BadgerGirl14
    I applied as well and am still waiting. Anyone know if we'll hear by mail or by campus connect first?
  6. by   sskrips
    yah, i'm still waiting too. i called admissions office a few times and they told me that decision letters will be coming out at the end of September. i am assuming starting early next week let's keep our fingers crossed.

    are any of you guys planning to work while in the program? what are your backgrounds and your plans for the future?
  7. by   dporte10
    Hello All I am still awaiting....very eager..although I have heard in the past when students are admitted on cougar connect it changes from "applied students" to "admitted students" not sure how true it is.. I too have called admissions and they are expecting to have decisions by the end of September beginning of October...Keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. by   ruthieb
    COME ON! Still waiting here.... Sorry this isn't a very productive/helpful post, just getting a little anxious....
  9. by   3Bs&G
    Just checked my campus connect. It now has an admitted students tab. I checked it this morning and it hadn't changed, so it must be a very recent thing. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   sam2011
    I just checked my campus connect and i have an immunization tab .
  11. by   Lorena12
    I applied back in April for the fall 2011 but got admitted for Winter 2012. At least I had a longer break
  12. by   ruthieb
    So, stupid question here.... How does one get a campus connect account? Or were you already a student there? The only thing I have a login for is the application.
  13. by   3Bs&G
    After I applied I got an email telling me I could check my application online. It then supplied a user name with temporary password. My user name is the first letter of my first name with and the last 6 letter of my last name with a number.

    I would try and see if you can get them to email your login stuff to your email addy.
  14. by   ruthieb
    Huh, weird! I never got that email, though I did email them a week or so after the due date and they said I had submitted everything. I don't think I will bother getting an account at this point, hopefully will be finding out in the mail soon either way.