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I have applied to the DePaul Master's Entry Nursing Program for Winter 2012. I have not heard anything from them yet and I was wondering if anyone else had applied or heard anything?... Read More

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    I graduated college in '08, and my degree in dietetics completed all the prereqs. I graduated with 3.6. I have three years of experience as a clinical dietitian. I also volunteer with the local food bank and have taught free nutrition courses to at risk groups.

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    I am applying for the Fall 2012 Program.
    Right now Im finishing up my psychology degree at UIC. At the moment my gpa is at a 3.35. My prereq gpa is low. =(.
    I work at rush hospital as a rehab aide and held numerous positions in my sorority.
    what are my chances?
    how many students apply and how many are usually selected?
    when would be the best time to turn in my application since im applying for the fall 2012 program.
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    I have a BS in General Studies with a minor in psychology and a minor in health science...My gpa is 3.43, I have worked for 4 years at Rush hospital as a patient care technician, and I volunteered at a food pantry.
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    I have a BS in Psychology and a minor in Biology. My GPA was above a 3.2 so I did not take the GRE. My patient care experience comes from working as an EMT for about three years now.
    As for the number of students that apply/are admitted I am not sure, sorry!
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    are you both in the program?

    thank you for the quick reply
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    No I am not in the program but I applied...I am taking organic chemistry right now!!I was told that letter are being sent out and we should know by next week..I am not sure about the tab on campus connect that says "Admitted Student" alot of people are saying that this is another way to tell if you have been accepted to the program..Anyone have the "Admitted Student" tab?
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    I have the admitted tab, and a immunization due date on my home page for campus connect. Its under the to do area with a due date of 10/8/11. From previous posts, it seems Depaul updates their online accounts before they send the acceptance letters.
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    Emails of acceptance have been sent today. Anyone get any news?
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    I got the admissions email about an hour ago.

    To answer someone else's question about background, I have a BA in history, a MA and 8 years of career experience in a field completely unrelated to science/nursing, ugrad gap: 3.3, post-bac gap: 3.7ish, GRE (took for application to another program): 1400, and misc. volunteer experience throughout the years.

    Good luck, everyone!
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    ruthieb, Will you be attending depaul's program?

    I graduated with a BA in 1998 in Neuroscience and Religion. I have a PhD in Molecular Genetics. I have solid GRE score scores, letters of recommendation and volunteer experience.

    Also, I am curious, which graduate entry program in Chicago is better: Rush GEM or DePaul? I know UIC is a different type of program with once yearly application due dates.

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