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DePaul MENP Winter 2012 - page 3

I have applied to the DePaul Master's Entry Nursing Program for Winter 2012. I have not heard anything from them yet and I was wondering if anyone else had applied or heard anything?... Read More

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    I have the admitted tab, and a immunization due date on my home page for campus connect. Its under the to do area with a due date of 10/8/11. From previous posts, it seems Depaul updates their online accounts before they send the acceptance letters.
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    Emails of acceptance have been sent today. Anyone get any news?
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    I got the admissions email about an hour ago.

    To answer someone else's question about background, I have a BA in history, a MA and 8 years of career experience in a field completely unrelated to science/nursing, ugrad gap: 3.3, post-bac gap: 3.7ish, GRE (took for application to another program): 1400, and misc. volunteer experience throughout the years.

    Good luck, everyone!
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    ruthieb, Will you be attending depaul's program?

    I graduated with a BA in 1998 in Neuroscience and Religion. I have a PhD in Molecular Genetics. I have solid GRE score scores, letters of recommendation and volunteer experience.

    Also, I am curious, which graduate entry program in Chicago is better: Rush GEM or DePaul? I know UIC is a different type of program with once yearly application due dates.
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    I got the email from them too. WOW Nursing Iam so excited and happy .
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    Got my email this afternoon too.
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    I just got my acceptance email today! Quite unbelievable; so excited and jubilant. I am a male student. Is there any other male student who have also been admitted? I would like to connect with everyone before January 2. I would a lot of guidance since I hailed from the Accounting world.
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    just called DePaul to retrieve my campus connect information. it appears I have the "Immunization" and "For Admitted Students" link, but no e-mail confirmation. I'm guessing it's because I sent it via physical application. anyone in the same shoes as me? I really hope the two tabs mean I am accepted...*worry*
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    i had the immunization tab on my campus connect and i got my email on friday. If that help
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    Finally received my e-mail! phew...
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    did anyone check the class schedule?
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    I was wondering if anyone knows the campus ? As have to decide if train is better or car to commute ?

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