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I have applied to the DePaul Master's Entry Nursing Program for Winter 2012. I have not heard anything from them yet and I was wondering if anyone else had applied or heard anything?... Read More

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    So, stupid question here.... How does one get a campus connect account? Or were you already a student there? The only thing I have a login for is the application.
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    After I applied I got an email telling me I could check my application online. It then supplied a user name with temporary password. My user name is the first letter of my first name with and the last 6 letter of my last name with a number.

    I would try and see if you can get them to email your login stuff to your email addy.
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    Huh, weird! I never got that email, though I did email them a week or so after the due date and they said I had submitted everything. I don't think I will bother getting an account at this point, hopefully will be finding out in the mail soon either way.
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    I think we might hear something in mail soon.
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    If I have an "admitted students" tab, does that mean I'm in?! They wouldn't be just toying with me, would they?!
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    I have the "admitted students" tab too...hope that means we are accepted! I had to call the graduate office to get my username and password for campus connect.
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    Hi all,
    I am so anxious about this admission process. I have been calling thing every week. On Monday night a weird thing happened, for about an hour, I had "admitted students" tab in DePaul's Campus connection. But... an hour later, that tab disappeared... Now I have such tabs as Search for Classes , Schedule of Classes, University Catalog, Course Descriptions, Demon Express Online, Change My Password, View Others Learning Plan. Which I don't believe were there before this week... Anyone experience similar issues? And when I call admissions office, they tell me that the decision is still pending. Hmm. Hope to hear from them soon...
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    So, i gave in and called to get my username/pword, and it looks like I've got the admitted student tab as well. Okay, now I can stop stalking the mail truck....
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    Hello I was just wondering what was everyone's undergrad degree in, GPA, experience, and does anyone have pre req's left?
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    I have two B.S one in Math and the other in Health Service Administration. My GPA was above 3.2 so I did not take GRE . I have three year experience as a Pharmacy Tech. I have my last A&P class which will be done in Dec. That was the only class that was missing.