death pronouncement

  1. 0 Can RNs in ILL pronouce patients dead in the hospital?
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    Quote from TT2seven
    Can RNs in ILL pronouce patients dead in the hospital?
    Where the heck is ILL?

    I don't know about ILL but in my hospital the MD does the official death pronouncement.

    The only deaths I have ever had were patients on comfort care, so there isn't anyone but the family and me around when death occurs.

    In practice it is most often the nurse delivering the news to family, often while they are standing there staring at you. The RN then pages the doc, who comes by, says, "Yep, he's dead" and boogies.
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    ILL is Illinois
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    Quote from TT2seven
    ILL is Illinois
    Call or email the Illinois Board of Nursing for a more definitive answer to your question.

    I am in Texas, where the scope of practice permits RNs to pronounce death.
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    Moved to IL Nursing where perhaps some of our IL members will know the answer.
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    you can find this on the web under the IL board of nursing info.

    nurses can pronounce pts in my state, but the facility policy is to have a doctor do it.

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