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Hi Everyone, I'm starting this article for all of the City of Chicago nurse applicants for 2013. I'll first start with a little about why I'm choosing Truman vs Daley or Malclom x and I'll also... Read More

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    Me too, i sent email to confirm my seat but i didn't receive anything from them ....
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    I called Truman and they said that it is normal that "we" have not receive anything from CCC . However, we should receive an email on May 1st with a guide to proceed further. I received my acceptance email on April 9th , which is one day before they stated. I took a chance and checked my email to see if luck falls on me this time.

    But, nothing yet. Please update if anyone hear anything - anything so I can stop worry. lol

    I understand that they must be very busy right now. But I dont see how reply a single email to each of us to confirm that they have receive our email to confirm our seat can be a big problem. Personally, I feel they lack a bit of responsibility.

    I just hope our confirmation email for our seat gets through and nothing happens. I hope there will not be a case where we sent in an email and they did not receive, hence giving out a seat that is not suppose to.

    I have been praying since Feb. This is not right...
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    Its 12:04 AM according to my watch, hence it is officially May 1st.

    BUT NOTHING YET !!! -.-' Shouldn't these "automatic" emails arrive already. Oh come on....

    Just need to vent it out
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    Nothing so far!!! :-( what about u guys?
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    Someone please call while their office is still open to see what is going on. I called too many times and got nowhere.

    One lady said later in the afternoon today we should receive an email from them. Its 4:23PM, and they close at 5PM. I wonder when the precious email is going to arrive.

    This email wouldn't give me such anxiety if someone, anyone would reply and verify that they have receive our confirmation email. I dont even know if they receive it yet. What if my confirmation went to la la Land ...

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    The email has arrived !!!

    GLORYYYY - no need to call 911 now. -.-'
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    He-he finally !!!
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    I didn't get my confirmation yet...oh god I hope mines didn't fall through the cracks
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    I got the email too... Finally
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    Quote from Anas2013
    I got the email too... Finally
    When did they send yours and from who? I still havent received mines. Im getting scared.
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    Yea i got in too, confirmed my placement twice as well and haven't gotten any response as of yet.... I wonder when they will be finish sending out the confirmation emails back to the students?
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    I am guessing they are only confirming Truman students. I got accepted to Daley and I called this morning and was told they are not sending out confirmations. We are to expect a email with the details of the program and requirements in about two weeks. If you dont receive an email within that timeframe, call the school.
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    Yea I just got off the phone with them now, they told me I should be hearing something from them in about a week since they are doing graduations this week. But they did tell me that I was confirmed so whew! that takes a load off of my shoulders... Guess I'll just have to be patient and see the rest ya know! :-)

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