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Hi Everyone, I'm starting this article for all of the City of Chicago nurse applicants for 2013. I'll first start with a little about why I'm choosing Truman vs Daley or Malclom x and I'll also add some pertinent information... Read More

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    I got my acceptance E-mail last night as well. I got into Truman. Congratulations everyone! Does anyone know when schedules are assigned?

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    I got my acceptance email last night too! Can't believe this is finally happening! Still seems unreal. Has anyone gotten their confirmation email yet? I replied twice yesterday, one to just Dr. Gurney and one to everyone on the email but have yet to get a response from anyone.

    @ zuniadri Going from last year, I think we get our schedules during the registration proces which is closer to August.
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    Congrats everyone. If anyone is interested in switching to Daley college from Truman pls contact me. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone! Congratulations and good luck to those still waiting. I will be attending Truman and very excited to meet you all and begin!
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    I found out I got my acceptance e-mail as well!!!! woo hoo!!! Congrats to everyone!!! .................. So, what's next??
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    Congrats!!! I guess, now, we have to wait for another email with information about all documents, tests and other staff that we need. Last year students got it in the beginning of May, so prob should we. Can not wait!!! :-)
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    Well I'm really anxious about it, and hoping that right back soon with instructions to everyone who have confirmed but since they give till April 22nd, I see I'll have to wait a little while. That's gonna get to me lol
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    Got in at malcolm x but when i looked on the nlnac website, i saw that they weren't accredited..... kinda don't know how to feel about this..
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    Got in at Truman... excited about the process... understanding that it may take some patience. Congrats to all my colleagues on our adventure!
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    I got accepted at Truman!! I'm sooooo excited!!! *bounce bounce*

    Congrats to everyone who's been accepted!

    And to those who weren't: don't give up on your dream! You can do it!

    Love and encouragement,
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