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Hi Everyone, I'm starting this article for all of the City of Chicago nurse applicants for 2013. I'll first start with a little about why I'm choosing Truman vs Daley or Malclom x and I'll also add some pertinent information... Read More

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    Less than a month until we find out. Good luck to all of us!

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    In my opinion, I think they are using the TEAS score to determine their decision for students who's GPA is below 3.3

    I don't know this for sure, but from all the information I've been hearing the better your GPA the better your chances are of getting in, but the TEAS score does play a factor if your application grades, GPA, and TEAS score are more common to others that have applied.

    Hope this makes sense and is helpful. Good Luck!!!!
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    Less than two weeks left!!!!! OMG, I freak'in out and I'm extremely excited : ) Good Luck to you all....

    Please be sure to post your good news here to share with others. We can use this forum in the future for those who've been excepted and need to swap day or night shift for this years nursing program.
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    I cant hardly wait but I have too. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!
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    Thank you for starting this. 9 more days!!
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    No problem!!! I figured it would be a great resource for all of us to express questions, stress, and etc...Good Luck. Acceptance e-mails are going out next Wednesday, April 10th. I'm shaking in my boots : )
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    Me too!!!! Thank you - Good luck to you!
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    2 more days!!!!!
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    Omg, one more day!!!!

    Good luck guys!!!
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    I wonder what time the emails will start going out??

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