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Chicago's Need for Nurses

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    I am interested as to why Chicago nurses are not commenting on either of above postings.
    I already gave my
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    From what I know, hospitals are short, but don't have the budget to hire.
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    It is all about reimbursement: in IL, our medicaid system is in such dire straits that hospitals, pharmacies, providers don't get reimbursed for months. Also - the above poster is correct: there may be a shortage but the hospitals don't have the funds to hire more nurses. This again goes back to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

    As to the shortage of educators: pay them more and they will come. I have had an MSN since 2005 but nope, no way could I take such a pay cut to join the educators' ranks.
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    Are any hospitals in Chicago hiring new grads? I will happily move to Chicago (from Seattle) for a good RN residency. I just got my BSN and it looks like I'm going to take my RN training and work as a barista again...
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    I have been applying for a new grad position since April.....and no luck! Most of my classmates have had the same problem. So I wouldn't move to Chicago just yet

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