Chicago RNs - info appreciated for experienced RN!

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    Hi all! I am a BSN prepared nurse with 3+ years experience (one year ortho, two years gen med/surg). I currently live and work in Minnesota at a very well known medical center. I am interested in moving back to Chicago (originally from suburbs), and was hoping to get some information on the job market in the city. I have read a few threads that state it takes months to find a job....does this still apply when a few years of experience is involved? I am hoping to begin applying in August and would be hoping to find a job and move before winter - is this realistic? Would it increase my chances of being hired if I moved back to IL first then began searching? I do have several months of living expenses saved. Finally (sorry for all the questions) how much can I expect to make hourly in the city? Currently I make low 30s/hour and work a 0.8 to make about the same amount of money I think I would need to make at least $28ish hourly and work a 0.9. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any insight!

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    Cost of living varies, but $26-28 is pretty much the new grad rate, so you should be able to beat that.

    Do you have a Chicago address you could use? Parents, friends, etc. I wouldn't wait to get here. Just be clear in your cover letter that you are relocating soon.

    the market is competitive, but there are always open positions.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your reply! I have quite a few friends from Chicago and a sister who lives in the area, but I am hesitant to use their address as I think it would get tricky when I need to arrange interviews because I would need to fly and then I would have to be honest anyway about the fact that I still live in MN

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