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Im looking to see about starting a "Nurses Night" in the Chicago area for current nurses and nursing students. I moved here a few years ago from Phoenix and they used to have a Nurses Night Out every year at the wrigley mansion.... Read More

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    I would love to attend an event like that!!

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    I know I'm kinda late jumping on this bandwagon, but this is a great idea! I would definitely be interested.
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    Quote from StephMom&RN
    ! How can I get you my email without posting it publicly??? (Sorry new to this site)
    Go to the first post, and click on the name of the poster.You'll see a button SEND PM
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    Chicago male nurse,In order to generate a critical mass of interest you need to get the word out.May I suggest you generate an e-flyer that describes the event as you envision it. Maybe post a target date or location. This can then be forwarded to other, posted on bulletin boards etcInclude your contact info (suggest creating a dedicated email account). Doing this will help make it more "real" and will help generate the interest.
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    Hello I am the president of the NSNA chapter at my nursing school and I will 100% back this up please send out some information thanks in advance.
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Go to the first post, and click on the name of the poster.You'll see a button SEND PM
    Thank you for your recommendation Mr ChicagoRN. Im actually in the process of booking a location and once I have the location I will be putting together the flyer.
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    Woao! This is real? Did you made the party or not?
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    So interested!

    Also, shirts should be made for this glorious event.
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    This is awesome!! I am a fresh graduate and would love to know people.. let me know the info
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    Okay everyone looks like the date is set

    Mark your calendar we are doing Nurses Night Out on Nurses week this year May 2013

    Location: Pinstripe Oakbrook
    Date: May 9, 2013
    Time: 6-11pm

    Enjoy networking, music/DJ, Games (Bowling and Bocce), Raffle Prizes, hang out with friends, and many more.

    More information to follow. Will be launching a website soon My Site (website release is Feb 20,2013)
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