Chamberlain-Chicago Spring 2012 students?

  1. Hi, I was recently accepted into Chamberlain's BSN program for Spring 2012 semester. Just wondering if there are others out there who are starting here as well.
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  3. by   Nikkicrna
    Hi for some reason my account was deleted and so was my comments. How did the process go for you? What was your GPA and HESI Score. I know they will be reviewing applications tomorrow so I hope to hear from them soon. Did you transfer any credits?
  4. by   julia15
    Hello everyone! Congratulations on starting at Chamberlain. I myself got in the program for July 2012! I was thinking on taking summer classes at the college Iam at right now... do you guys recommend taking summer classes at another college and then still going to chamberlain for the first semester? what is the schedule like at chamberline for the first semester? it is only 2 days a week or more? how many hours? please help me out.. I have no idea what to do...
    thanks for your time.
  5. by   AtlantaGoldfish
    Hi Everyone,
    I am a new student at the Atlanta Chamberlain campus..we are the first class to go through this program here in Atlanta. I am about to finish my first semester, and it has been incredibly difficult. I have been struggling with my Pathophysiology class and was wanting feedback from other Chamberlain students who have made it through this class. Does the school actually adhere to the 76% cumulative exam score policy to pass the class?? There are several of us who it does not look like we will make this score. Our grade in all of our projects, case studies, etc are A's, but it is this cumulative test score that may cause us to fail the class. Please help...I am beside myself.
    Thank you,
    Stressed out BSN student in Atlanta.
  6. by   arwerth
    Hi AtlantaGoldFish,
    I'm sure by now you got your question answered but I am a student at the Chicago campus and yes they do adhere to the 76% passing on the exams before the other assignments count into your grade. I have a friend that is going to fail patho and missed it by one question on the final. They do not round so even if you have a 75.99% they will not pass you.

    Hope this semester went better for you than you were expecting!