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    Hello! I was just accepted to Chamberlain College of Nursing, the Chicago campus. Im starting in the fall (2013) and was wondering if anyone else here is starting as well?


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    Congrats!! I'm starting at the Addison campus!! I know this doesn't really help you but I just wanted to say congrats
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    Thanks! and Congrats to you as well!
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    Moved to Illinois State Nursing Programs for best response.
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    I would prefer it be in the Student nurses section where I posted it originally. How do I move it back?
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    Hi, just got the call i'm accepted into the Chicago campus yay!!!
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    I have been at Chamberlain Chicagop since Jan 2013, but I start all nursing classes in the fall.
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    That's amazing, congrats!
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    what was your GPA and hesi score? if you don't mind.
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    Yeah sure. My GPA was 2.91 and my HESI score was 94.
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