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Best hospitals to work for

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    I've been trying to do some research about the best hospitals to work for and all the threads I found on the issues seem to be from a few years back. I'm looking for some insight on Chicagoland/south suburb hospitals as far as staffing, benefits, morale, education, and pay. I've had a few interviews (palos, st joes, hinsdale, lagrange, south sub), but want some insider opinions about what the environment is really like. Any insight is greatly appreciated Thanks!
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    I have a friend that works for Adventist Hinsdale and loves it! I've also heard good things about Prescence St. Joe's in Joliet.
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    I work at Hinsdale as a PCT and love the hospital and nurses
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    The latest (or maybe one before) issue of Chicago Magazine had the top hospitals in Chicago. Granted, it probably was geared to being a patient there, but it was a good read. It reported on staffing, technology, etc.

    Editing to add it included the suburbs as well.
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    I have heard that overall, the University of Chicago Medical Center is one of the best. However, I also have a close friend who has been working at Lutheran General out in Park Ridge for a number of years now and has NEVER had anything even semi-negative to say about the facility. Northwestern is also a quality facility and I have a few friends that have been working there for years. They all have had great experiences and their positions within the facility range from CNA to doctor.