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Best Chicago area RN programs @ community colleges

  1. 0 Hello everyone!

    I currently live in Dallas and am planning on moving to either Seattle or Chicago in a year or two. So I'm trying to plan out the pre-reqs I can knock out while I'm living here before I move.. it gets tricky, each school is a little different. It's a little overwhelming trying to find the best school when you're not from the area also. I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction of which schools have good RN programs in the area? I really appreciate any and all feedback!
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    That is kind of hard to answer, for I think there are allot. I am from the north west suburbs of Chicago so here is my list in no particular order. Harper, Elgin community college, college of lake county, and Jolliet. None of them are easy to get into, but I do know Harper for instance extended their dead line last time because they did not have enough applicants that met their minimum requirements (nln score and GPA). Most schools in this area require the NLN, and some such as the one I am going to require the teas V. I have heard good about most of the programs. You are always going to hear from someone who failed out and tell you it was the worst program in existence. I would say if you want to attend a public school in this area keep your grades up.
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    Thank you for your input! From browsing the boards here it seems like I should completely stay away from City of Chicago CC's.

    I'm not familiar with the geography there. Other than Harper, how far would it be to commute to the other schools from the Chicago city center?
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    For most if not all of the community colleges you need to be in district. If you established an in district address and, but lived in the city you would have to look up the metra rail system, but then the clinical are at hospitals so that might be tough. Just to ask is there a reason you want to live downtown? I know nothing about the city of Chicago’s cc so I can’t comment on them. I have lived out in the burbs all my life. Personally I like it out here less crime cleaner, and still plenty to do. I go downtown 3 or 4 times a year and that is enough for me.
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    Quote from amusedgirl
    Thank you for your input! From browsing the boards here it seems like I should completely stay away from City of Chicago CC's.

    I'm not familiar with the geography there. Other than Harper, how far would it be to commute to the other schools from the Chicago city center?
    I grew up in the burbs..but I've lived in Chicago since I went to Loyola back in the day..pretty much since I was 17. I would say that most people that have lived in the burbs all their lives always think that Chicago has alot of crime, etc.. I thought the same thing when I was younger. I'm 41 now..and I have friends that I grew up with that are still afraid to drive in the city, etc.. Personally, I'm sick of Chicago now.. I've had enough.. but seriously... Chicago is a great city to live in. If you are in your 20's to even early 30''s a really fun place to live!!! I wouldn't suggest living downtown... that's crazy expensive... But seriously, Chicago is expensive regardless.. our sales tax is the highest in the United States and I'm not sure about now..but our gas was higher than everone else's also! If you want to live near downtown.. my area is AWESOME.. I live in Wicker Park...there's all sorts of areas in Chicago to live just have to figure out what area you want to live in. If you want suggestions on where to live.. let me know. We have a great transportation system here that you can go from one end of the city to the other very easily!

    The only colleges that I know of that are actually IN Chicago that have an ADN program are Truman, Daley, and Wright has a LPN to ADN bridge program... those are the only schools that I can think of that are actually IN Chicago.. all the rest of the community colleges are in the burbs.. and you have to live in district for those.
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    Why should you keep away from the CCCs? I am going to Truman in the Fall. It has the reputation of being an excellent program, and you only need three prerequisites to get in now. Yes, it is all somewhat disorganized, but for the price, it is good value.

    I took my pre-nursing classes at Truman and Wright. Wright is more on the Western side of the city. It is a nice neighborhood and has a very nice campus. The science classes there are excellent, and the teachers are really good. I was impressed (I have 2 degrees already, so I have been in a number of different schools).

    Truman is in an interesting neighborhood. I wouldn't want to spend much time right next to the school, though. If you have a car, there's a new parking lot around the back, so you can avoid having to pass by some of more scary looking people who hang around by the train.

    There's a nursing program in Skokie/DesPlaines (suburb just outside of Chicago), at the Oakton Community College. It's also a decent school.
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    Graduated from Moraine Valley in Palos and was very happy with the program. I know they have changed the prereqs and program length, but they have an excellent reputation in the community of putting out quality nurses.

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