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Bag stolen

  1. 0 Hi had my bag stolen and i had my acls card, bls resume and nurisng license. i looked up this website and it does not help me to get a duplicate license any ideas where else i can look? thanks.
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    Sorry for the frustration.

    The fee for the issuance of a duplicate license, for the issuance of a replacement license, for a license that has been lost or destroyed or for the issuance of a license with a change of name or address other than during the renewal period is $20.

    Illinois Board of Nursing
    320 West Washington ST
    Springfield, IL 62786 (Mailing Address)
    James R. Thompson Ctr
    100 W. Randolph St.
    Suite 9-300
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    thank you very much!
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    Job hunting?
    The Joint allows online verification of licensure. All Illinois nursing license info can be found on the IDPR site Some employers may not even ask you to physically produce a license before starting.
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    In case anybody gets brought to this page, like I did, in search of a replacement license, it can be done for free online.
    State of Illinois | Department of Financial & Professional Regulation

    they do require an access id, which I found on an expired license I had.