Aurora University IL Applicants Fall 2013!!!

  1. Hi guys! Just looking to see who all has applied for AU's 2013 Fall bsn program. I believe that the acceptance letters are going out sometime in March. Does anyone know any information about the average of students that were accepted last year? I received my TEAS score and am dying to know!
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  3. by   CA_RNBSN
    I'm waiting to hear if I got in this fall, and I've started my first semester at AU to take pathophysiology and a few other upper level gen. eds. I don't know how many people got in last year but I was told that over 200 people applied. Now that both groups have taken the TEAS V the deliberations will begin! I am freaking out because I've already been trying to get into a school since last year, and I really feel that this nursing school is where I'm meant to be
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  4. by   Friskee
    Yay, another person! I hope we both get in! I asked what the average was for last year, she said a 3.2 gpa with a 72 teas. How well did you do on your teas if you dont mind me asking. You dont have to say the exact number.
  5. by   Medic2RN
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  6. by   CA_RNBSN
    I have a 3.09 gpa with a 76.7% on the teas, so maybe it's a good balance? haha

    A couple of the girls in my psych class got 71% and 76% but I don't know their gpa's.

    *crossing fingers* we both get in!
  7. by   Friskee
    That's pretty good! I have a 3.6 and got a 71.3 on the teas. I hope so as well!
  8. by   Teeanne
    I applied for the fall too! I applied to Aurora and NIU. I'm finishing my prereqs at comm college. Not sure when I would do pathophysiology though if I go to Aurora. I have a 4.0 and got 90.0 on the TEAS. Most people I know that are going into nursing seem to be either staying at the comm college for the ADN, or have their eye on UIC. So it's nice getting to meet some people looking to go the same way!
  9. by   Friskee
    That's pretty good, i'm sure you will get in for sure with that! I am also about done with my pre-reqs, I graduate this may with my Associates of Science. Everyone at the school where I attend seem to be very interested in NIU. How did you pull off a 90 on the teas? I had the book, and Mcgraw hill, and had all of the classes done and still made a 71! I got 70's across the board though, science was the highest where I got a 73%. I didn't ace anything or bomb anything lol. I'm sure that will account for something!
  10. by   ReneR
    Does any one know how they calculate your GPA and the teas test together when making their decision? I have a very high GPA and a lower teas test score. The waiting for March is killing me.
  11. by   CA_RNBSN
    If you go to Aurora, you can do pathophys during your first semester in the program; it can be a pre-req or co-req. Keep in mind that AU also has "upper level" general education requirements, soooo you might have to take more classes (like I took abnormal psych at Waubonsee cc and it was a sophomore level class, but because I had no junior level classes, I have to take a few) in order to fulfill their graduation requirements; it is basically a transfer punishment haha. If you have an associates degree it excludes you from a few other requirements but you still have to have a few credits that go toward an upper level general ed.
  12. by   Friskee
    I graduate with my science associates this May, and only have to take Patho this summer at Aurora. They take your GPA and your TEAS together. So a high GPA and low teas will put you at an average applicant. That is atleast how it was explained, they are looked at equally.
  13. by   PianoGirlO
    I'm also waiting... AU is sort of my last option. I was accepted to NIU last year for the 2012 Fall semester, but wait-listed for their nursing program, filled out a form that said I would still be interested in the 2013 Fall semester, but haven't heard anything since except for some weird email I got this month talking about how NIU created a profile for me on some website called, and on my profile page it said I had been accepted to NIU and plan to study nursing... but anyway... my current GPA is only a 2.98. TEAS score: 76.7. I have an associates in science. I haven't taken pathophysiology. I'm very pessimistic... if I don't get into AU I don't know what I'm going to do... too many other schools want you to jump through hoops... like taking nursing courses at their university before you've even been excepted into their nursing program. What is that!?! Crazy for a transfer student! The waiting should be over in less than five weeks now, but I just want to get it over with already!
  14. by   CA_RNBSN
    I can totally relate, I was wait-listed for NIU's nursing program for Spring 2013 but never heard from them. I was #3 on the wait list! So close but not enough. I was told to re-apply so that it would help bump up my application, and I did that but never heard from them. Finally I decided to figure out what was up with AU (I applied in June 2012 but never heard from them; they got my transcripts with my maiden name messed up even though I said on my application that I went by a different last name). So in October I finally inquired and they found the transcripts. I decided to just start at AU. Either way I'd be done at the same time because NIU is a five semester program and AU is a four semester program, so with this semester of classes and the 4 will equal out for me. I live a few minutes away from AU so it works out way better. I can't even try to apply to most other schools because of the time limit of the science classes. I'm going on 8 years and AU accepts classes within the last 10 which is very lenient. NIU is 7 and a lot of other places is 5. Because NIU has less requirements, it is VERY competitive.