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Hi guys! Just looking to see who all has applied for AU's 2013 Fall bsn program. I believe that the acceptance letters are going out sometime in March. Does anyone know any information about the average of students that were... Read More

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    You will have to PM me the teacher you have, so if I get in ill know who to take over the summer! I was considering pre-med this year for a bit. I had a few teachers offer me their endorsements if I decided on med school. I had a particular teacher that was very vocal in his opinion that I belong in med school and not nursing school. I have always planned on nursing school and now that I have a child med school is out of the question. My main goal is my NP so i'm dying to get into AU to get this going!

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    I still can't pm yet but I can send you an email. She just informed us that she was promoted to full professor, so she is doing something right. She has the best stories and helps give the information-dense class a real life aspect. Most of my life I planned on med school, but at my community college I lost a sense of direction, couldn't make it through calculus twice and I don't like chemistry that much (except for intro to organic chem). So I switched majors to nursing, started to take classes geared toward nursing, aaaaand then I had a kid so my schooling sat on the backburner. I am now determined to finish school, and I also am interested in becoming an NP someday.
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    I'm taking patho at waubonsee right now but I have a good feeling that it won't transfer to au. I needed something to keep me occupied while waiting for letters to be sent out! Are both of you taking classes at aurora right now? I may need the name of your teacher also if I get in.
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    Nope, not at the moment. Just waiting on that letter.
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    I got a call today from AU saying that I have been accepted into the school of nursing and that I will get the official letter of acceptance next week.
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    wow! congratulations! I hope I get a call too! Was it a call from the academic advisor or someone from the school of nursing?
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    I believe she is an advisor. I don't want to name drop, otherwise I would say who it was.
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    well, I'm just going to assume we don't have the same advisor lol I haven't heard anything.
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    I GOT IN!! I had a 2.96 GPA because they didn't accept all my courses (cumulative GPA is 3.15) and apparently i was told i had a strong score on the TEAS but i never got a letter telling me what my exact score was. Either way i am in, paid my $250 placeholder fee and am scheduled for my appointment on wednesday.

    I also got into Chamberlain and had a financial aid appointment next week but boy am i glad i got the news about Aurora today before paying the $150 fee at Chamberlain.

    Is our TEAS score the "Adjusted Individual Total Score" on If so, then my Adjusted Individual Total Score is 82%
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    Patho isn't offered at Waubonsee.
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