Aurora University IL Applicants Fall 2013!!! - page 3

Hi guys! Just looking to see who all has applied for AU's 2013 Fall bsn program. I believe that the acceptance letters are going out sometime in March. Does anyone know any information about the... Read More

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    I spoke to one of the advisors today and she said within a week and a half to two weeks. Apparently the advisors are the first ones to get the letters and she had not recieved it yet. I am hopeing she is wrong though lol. If what the other girl posted earlier is true and they were alreay done revising then they should be going out. I don't think anyone outside of the nursing department knows whats really going on.
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    I hope she's wrong too! Haha I don't know if I can wait another 2weeks! I've been so antsy since march 1st
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    What I heard was that a classmate who has a friend in the school of nursing and she asked her teacher about it and she said that they put the letters in the mailbox on Monday. Perhaps this was actually the letters that go to the advisor. And yes, I don't think anyone outside the SON knows what's going on. It's just torturous!
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    Hah it feels like I've been getting hyper about checking the mail since late Feb even though I knew rationally there was no chance I would have heard anything yet. Here's hoping we get some news soon!
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    This wait is horrible!!!!! I had a dream last night that the letters came. Too bad it was a dream
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    Last night I had a dream that I was at orientation with my acceptance letter :/
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    Well that WILL happen, just unfortunately not for a couple weeks
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    I hope it does! What all GPA's and TEAS scores do you guys have if you don't mind answering?
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    I have a 3.6 GPA and an 80 on the TEAS. I'm just hoping that's good enough! What about you?
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    Oh i'm pretty sure that is good enough. Especially if the average last year was a 3.2 and a 72 teas. I have a 3.6 and a 71.3 on the TEAS.
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    I hope we all get in!!!! Everyday that I check the mail and find nothing makes me a little more nervous! Has anyone taken pathophysiology yet?
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    No I have not. I was advised that it is best to do it the semester before or while in nursing classes. They said the patho required is geared only for nursing students. So if you take it before and don't get in it's pretty much a waste of time then.
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    I'm taking patho right now, and I love it! My teacher is great and I have a high A so far in the class.

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