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Are there any RN New Grad programs in Chicago?

  1. 0 Are there any new grad programs in Chicago?
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    You may have already had this question answered by now, but Weiss Memorial has one... for the next rotation they start taking applications in December to start the program in February. It sounded like a great program, but you have to be willing to wait a while to start working. Also, they suggest you start off there as a patient care aid, because 2/3 of the people who get into the program are internal hires.

    Good luck!
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    I had seen an article I believe they wrote about their program, and it seemed they take a very small number of NGs, could be like 10. Tough to guess that program out, waiting and all.

    They are very East eg lakefront location, lots to consider with commute/cost/pay and all if you are needing to tech to look good for consideration.
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    Not sure if you still need this info, but Illinois Masonic, Good Samaritan, Christ Medical Center, Alexian Brothers, Adventist Health System, and Children's Memorial all have formal New Grad RN Residency programs. They are very competitive though. I just applied to Good Sam's program and did not get to interview. They want hospital PCT/CNA experience.

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