Applying for SWIC Nursing Program for Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone! I just joined the site and wanted to add a place for students applying for nursing programs for next Fall. September 1st marked the first day to apply to the Nursing Program for SWIC, so after a lot of thought, I went to the counselor and changed my program to Nursing instead of the Rad Tech program. I am currently taking Chem 101, Bio 105 and Med Terminology. I completed English 101 a few years ago as well. If I do well and gather the 8 point max on the Pre-exam, I should apply with 17 points, if I am able to achieve a B in Bio and Chem.

    Hoping to hear from other students and their situations and looking forward to sharing the long wait till April when we should hear who got in the program!!
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  3. by   mrsjeanine88
    hey all!

    thanx hulljay83 for creating a post for us fall 2012 applicants! i too have applied for swic's fall 2012 rn program.

    after months of stalking posts of the forum i finally joined the site.
    well we all know september 1st did indeed mark the first day to apply. its still pretty early so there's just alot of preparation at this point but i am currently taking bio 157 and hro 150 this semester. my husband and i relocated here to illinois when he received a to transfer to scott afb just this past june so i've had to do a little extra leg work to make sure i had all my pre-req's to meet eligibability for 2012 applicants. since i have never taken chemistry i took my chem 101 this past summer and made it thru with a "b". i was able to transfer my english 101 & 102, psyc, soc 153 and algebra from my previous school in georgia. from stalking previous posts of the board for 2011 swic applicants im not expecting i will gather the total 8 point max on the pre-exam, (tho it would be nice :d)but if i am able to achieve a "a" in bio 157 this semester and possibly gain "6" of the "8" from the pre-exam it should be enough for me to muster up an 18 the counselor said.

    looking forward to hearing other responses from 2012 applicants but not looking forward to the longgggggg wait till april!

    definately looking forward to if/when i can get in and get that degree already! lol
  4. by   hulljay83
    Hi MrsJeanine! Thanks for replying! Sounds like you have a great plan!! I'm so excited for you!
    As for me, I've decided to hold off on applying until next fall, which is hard to swallow, but at the same time, I need to get all my prereqs done so I am better able to manage clinicals and RN classes. I'm currently taking Chem 101, Bio 105 (as I had originally planned to do the Rad Tech program), and Med Terminology. I'm hoping my Bio instructor will allow me to take his 158 in the Spring w/o taking 157, so that I can keep on schedule while having my same teacher. Wish I would have known I was going to switch over to nursing before taking 105, would have saved some money and class time!! Oh, well. Guess I'll just have an extra good understanding of A & P!
    Well, hope more join and reply! Best of luck and I'll be keeping an eye out!
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to IL Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more response.
  6. by   hulljay83
    Well, I went ahead and applied..........received my letter from Enrollment Services yesterday and will be taking the Pre-exam sometime in Feb. Look forward to hearing more stories!
  7. by   kfrantz0607
    Hi everyone,
    i just have a few questions, why is everyone having such a hard time with this test? is it because it is timed or is it because it is difficult? I am currently enrolled in Bio 157, English 102, and Soc 153 and i am making A's in all of them...i only have 2 B's from my prerequisites and i already applied...i just really need to get a 6 on my pre-entrance exam, and just wanted to know why the test seemed to be so hard for everyone?
  8. by   Chelbel
    Hi all!

    I have also applied but have not received a letter giving me a date for the Pre-entrance exam; hopefully it will come soon. I am currently enrolled in Bio 157, Nutrition, and Adolescent Development. I have all my pre-req's except for Bio 158 which I will be taking in the Spring. As long as I maintain my "A" in 157, I should be going with 14 points before the Pre-entrance exam. I have had only 1 "B" and that was in Chem, although a very high "B" (12 points away from an "A") it is still a "B". I have heard conflicting stories of the exam...I have heard that it is only Eng and Math; however, I have also heard that critical thinking is a major part of it, along with the Eng and Math. I wish I knew what to expect. Good Luck to you all!
  9. by   mrsjeanine88
    hey everyone,

    thats a good question i was wondering myself when it came to the det exam....i wish i knew exactly what to expect but the only thing i can gather from reading last years posts was that the english section seemed alot harder than the math section and students typically scored 2's who expected to score 4' one ever really said "why" but i'm assuming its because of the critical thinking involved but "idk" i wont be taking the exam myself until february. now that the 2012 application deadline is officially closed as of december 1st i hear the school had around 300 hundred students who applied which ofcourse they only except 80 of those....hmmm...can you say "anxious" much!? i wish we didn't have to wait until april to know something....
  10. by   franticwiththecrisco
    Hello all. I'm currently in the program, on my second semester.

    The Pre-Nursing Entrance exam test is not hard. I repeat, it's not hard. I received 6 out of 8 points & ended up with 20 points. What I recommend is to take the Math portion first. When you go in to take the test, there will be a drop down menu. Just scroll to whatever number that the math starts on. The math is easy, but you have to do it all by hand so it will take some time. Afterwards go back & do the English & Comprehension part. So when you hear of horror stories of people not finishing the test, it's probably because the math took up so much time. I had 45 minutes left doing it this way. I told a lot of people to do it this way, & they didn't believe/listen to me. Also take a peek at grains to mg or how many mL are in ounces, cups, quarts, and so on.

    I found out I was accepted April 18th. I wish you all luck
  11. by   julipig
    I applied too. Anxiously awaiting my letter with all my friends. Hope it comes sooner, rather than later. I'm not to worried, as I have 20 points, but still. No guarantees!
  12. by   MyGenesis
    Hello! Does anyone knows what was the point cut off for this year. I applied for 2011 and was out by 1.5 points (point cut off was 16.5). Now that my husband received new orders to stay here for another cycle, I am going to apply again. I will have 17 points before the exam. I hope to collect more points from it, hopefully.

    Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who made it!!!
  13. by   hulljay83
    Well, I officially withdrew my app from the RN program and put in for the RT program in March. I should find out soon if I have been accepted or not and could not be more happy with my decision! I am so happy for all of you and wish everyone the best in the future!! Thanks for posting and sharing your excitement! I look forward to hearing more from those who got in and how school goes from here on out. I do plan on returning to school for my RN later, so any experiences you are willing to share will be much appreciated!! Good luck and Best Wishes!
  14. by   MyGenesis
    Hello Hulljay83!

    If you don't mind, what made you change your mind? Rt was one of my choices as well. Thanks!