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Hi everyone! I just joined the site and wanted to add a place for students applying for nursing programs for next Fall. September 1st marked the first day to apply to the Nursing Program for SWIC, so... Read More

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    Hello! Does anyone knows what was the point cut off for this year. I applied for 2011 and was out by 1.5 points (point cut off was 16.5). Now that my husband received new orders to stay here for another cycle, I am going to apply again. I will have 17 points before the exam. I hope to collect more points from it, hopefully.

    Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who made it!!!

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    Well, I officially withdrew my app from the RN program and put in for the RT program in March. I should find out soon if I have been accepted or not and could not be more happy with my decision! I am so happy for all of you and wish everyone the best in the future!! Thanks for posting and sharing your excitement! I look forward to hearing more from those who got in and how school goes from here on out. I do plan on returning to school for my RN later, so any experiences you are willing to share will be much appreciated!! Good luck and Best Wishes!
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    Hello Hulljay83!

    If you don't mind, what made you change your mind? Rt was one of my choices as well. Thanks!
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    RT was something I had heard a girl in my Bio105 course say she decided to take b/c the RN program fills so quickly. I decided to check it out and after watching videos on youtube and reading as much as I could about the field, I decided it wasn't a bad idea. Especially since I had all my prereqs complete for RT. I have 17 points out of 21 for the app and hold a 4.0 GPA in all my prereqs. The program still shows as accepting apps till Fall or the program fills, so I'm hoping to hear something this week.

    I've read on this site that RTs that went from RT to RN were better nurses because of their time in RT. They are better able to assess breath sounds and have a better understanding of the respiratory field in general (obviously). I'm hoping to finish this and get on somewhere that will help pay for my RN or BSN in the future.
    Good luck!!
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    Well, I have been accepted for the RT program!!! I am so excited to start this Fall! I'm hoping to be able to do this for a few years while working on my RN. From what I see now (which doesn't say what it will be in 2014), it looks like there are several positions available around here for CRT and RRTs, so prayers that it will be that way or better by the time I graduate.

    Best of luck to all and hope to hear more from members on their experiences with this field as well as nursing.

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