Applying for Harper RN Spring 2011?

  1. Anyone else applying for Harper Spring 2011? Just took my NLN yesterday and planning to apply as soon as I get results. We had to evacuate the building in the middle of the math section because of a false fire alarm and it really threw me off but I'm hoping I did O.K. in spite of that.

    Still have to take Phys. this fall and hoping for provisional acceptance. Wondering if they'll have another shortage of qualified applicants because they raised the math requirement for 2011. Seems like they raise the requirements yearly.
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  3. by   xcited2bAnurse
    I will be applying to Harper for the spring of 2011! It unfortunate for me because I will be transferring from Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN program because of certain reasons and I just found out that none of my nursing classes will transfer! So I have to start the program from Scratch, definitely not happy with that but i guess its for the better. I will however be taking the NLN Test Sept 8th though. What was your test like? Was it hard?
  4. by   afrancois71
    Glad to find another applicant to wait with!! Anyone else out there?

    So sorry to hear about having to leave Chamberlain. I looked into their program briefly and their convoluted language on the accreditation page made me very nervous. Seems to be lots of confusion about what their status is. Glad you found out before you finished though.

    The NLN certainly took some studying. I'm typically pretty strong in math & verbal so I didn't do much there other than take some practice tests. I had just finished Anatomy & Chem this summer and the fact that both were fresh helped tons on the science portion. I used the NLN study guide to fill in the blanks for physics and as a refresher for general bio, which I took 20 yrs ago. The NLN's review guide (Review Guide for RN Pre-entrance Exam, 3rd Edition) also has review tests that you can take before you start to understand where your weaknesses are before you start studying, which I think is very useful.

    It's good to time yourself on practice tests so you learn proper pacing. As I mentioned above, we got interrupted during the math portion and it really threw off my rhythm. I ran out of time and had to do the last 5 problems via process of elimination/educated guess. I finished with time to review in the other two sections. I guess I'll see how I did when I get my results back in the next week or so. I hope I won't be disappointed.

    Have you gone to an information session at Harper yet? I went to one in July and reaffirmed what I had heard -- you need A's & B's in the science classes and high NLNs to get in. High varies from year to year, based on the applicant pool. Wish I knew about where I needed to land with my score to be safe. Have you heard anything?
  5. by   xcited2bAnurse
    Wow I hope you did well on your NLN! I will be attending a info session in september but as of now I haven't heard anything else about harper besides that they have a good nursing program. Applying to harper was a last minute decision , so I've been running around like crazy trying to make sure all of my transcripts get there and get my name on the Health care Worker registry before the sept. 15 deadline! So right now i am just waiting for everything to fall through. Really hoping that we both get accepted! I hope you are prepared because nursing school is lots of work!!!!!! LOL

    ps just curious, where did you get your NLN study guide?
  6. by   afrancois71
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was on vacation. Just started school again today... Physiology & Microbiology. Also handed in my application for Spring 2011! Now I wait.

    I did well on the NLNs with a composite score in the 99th percentile. I got my study guide at the Harper bookstore but I've seen it at Barnes & Noble. I recommend taking lots of practice tests and timing yourself, especially in the math section. Even though the math isn't advanced, you could find yourself taking too much time on problems and not finishing.

    I hope you manage everything for the Spring Application. I felt like it would take forever to get everything together, and it went by so quickly!

    Good luck!!!
  7. by   JQ_RN
    Hey, I am trying to apply to Harper, I see they have extended their deadlines, I was wondering if anyone of you got into Harper. I just visited their website and saw how they calculate their applicants. Do you know what the cutoff is? I know the highest is 90 points and the lowest is 20, I just want to know if anyone has any information on this, Thanks.
  8. by   afrancois71
    I've been accepted for Spring 2011, pending successful completion of phys. I don't know what the cutoff is but I had 60 pts from my NLN scores and Bio 160. Taking 161 and 130 right now. They stress at the meeting that you really need NLN scores in the high 80s or 90s and A's or B's in the science classes to get in.
  9. by   emiliisawesome
    Hi, I just got in to the nursing program(Spring 2011). I am so excited. I can't wait. Congratulations to all that got in.
  10. by   afrancois71
    Congratulations Emiliisawsome! Did you register for classes yet? I'm in the Tuesday group for 110 & 111 and the Mon. afternoon group for pathophys. Did you miss the first orientation? If so and you want me to forward the info we got, let me know.
  11. by   emiliisawesome
    Thank You afrancois71! I did register for classes ,but I am in Wed class for 110 and 111 (because I am taking Micro Tue and Thur)and for 180 I am in the afternoon class as well.I did miss the first orientation. I would really appreciated if you send me that info that you got there.Thank You!
  12. by   ally270
    afrancois71 in regards to your recent nln experience at harper, i have a couple questions for my december 1st test date! btw- congrats on the 99th percentile. i have met all my pre-reqs and c.n.a requirements and hoping the test isnt't as nerve wrecking as it seems. in all honesty would you say the focus for the science part lies heavy in physics? or any advice on what to pay special attention to?? this is my ultimate passion and could use any positive advice at this moment from you or any pre-nursing students! thanks
  13. by   JQ_RN
    Hi guys, and congratulations to all that got in. I have just applied to harper and I'm waiting until after December 20th to get a response. I hope I get in for Spring 2011. Can anyone that got in tell me what the average score to get in is? I am so nervous cause I don't know if I will make the cutoff. Also can anyone tell me how the schedules for Spring look like. I work part-time and I'm kind of worried that if I get in I won't get much notice in advance to let my boss know about my schedule change. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. by   emiliisawesome
    Hi Jessicuy, I've been accepted into the Nursing Program (Spring 2011). I do not know what the cut off score is. I've had 92% composite, 98 %-science and math and only 42%- English part on the NLN exam. In anatomy I got A and I am still in Physiology. For the schedule you can check it on the Harper's web page, because they have different days and times for the classes-mainly in the morning.