Anyone waiting to get into Moraine Valley's nursing program for Fall 2010? - page 7

Hi, I just applied for the March 15th deadline at Moraine Valley Community College and was wondering if anyone else is on pins and needles like I am? I just decided about 5 months ago to apply, so I... Read More

  1. by   SLB86

    I was wondering how was the courses thus far? I am planning on applying this March15th for the ADN at Moraine. I am a current student there, completed A&P I and II already and taking Micro and Life span this spring. Also, I have seen a few articles that moraine is no longer accredited. Can you tell me how has that affected the program?
  2. by   peralta
    Hi do you have to have a CNA certificate inorder to get into the program? in 2015 its no longer required but has anyone without a CNA certificate gotten in?