Anyone waiting to get into Moraine Valley's nursing program for Fall 2010? - page 6

Hi, I just applied for the March 15th deadline at Moraine Valley Community College and was wondering if anyone else is on pins and needles like I am? I just decided about 5 months ago to apply, so I... Read More

  1. by   SLB86

    I was wondering how was the courses thus far? I am planning on applying this March15th for the ADN at Moraine. I am a current student there, completed A&P I and II already and taking Micro and Life span this spring. Also, I have seen a few articles that moraine is no longer accredited. Can you tell me how has that affected the program?
  2. by   peralta
    Hi do you have to have a CNA certificate inorder to get into the program? in 2015 its no longer required but has anyone without a CNA certificate gotten in?
  3. by   awebb23
    Hi, I am looking into Moraine. What are all the requirements? The website lists a lot of things and the "points"
    section is a little confusing. What do I need in terms of GPA? Certifications etc? Thanks for your help!!
  4. by   awebb23
    Hey Shell,

    What are other requirements for the program... such as, GPA, etc? Because the website gets kinda confusing, especially in the "points" section. I will be graduating from my university in December and would like to start nursing soon

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