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Hi, I just applied for the March 15th deadline at Moraine Valley Community College and was wondering if anyone else is on pins and needles like I am? I just decided about 5 months ago to apply, so I hurried up and became a CNA... Read More

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    Quote from sjlatek00
    I got accepted too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! See you May 4th!!!!!
    Congrats!!! Yay, we made it

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    Thanks! I'm so excited for everyone its such a blessing! hopefully we will all meet at orientation! Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!:spin:
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    I turned in my card yesterday!!
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    Hi everyone! I was researching nursing programs and came across this thread and starting reading it, I really want to apply to the nursing program for the fall of 2013. I just am starting taking classes this summer (I am a hair stylist so i have not taken any prerequisites yet) the only class I have taken so far is my cna. I know I need to attend an information session but anything any of you can tell would be greatly appreciated. It seems like its hard to get infor online or through an advisor without going to the info session but I want to make sure I am in the right direction as far as classes. What are the prerequisites? which ones do you need to apply? I want to try and take as much as I can before next fall because I have to work during the program. Thank you so much for any help!
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    Hi Sammy! Two years ago I came across this post and read every single post on here since with the same questions. I was just accepted into the Fall 2012 class I started off taking one science a semester (there are 3 nursing program science pre reqs) and an online non science class (com, psy, soc, etc). I have 2 kids so this was a way to ensure I could get all A's in my pre reqs. All 3 science classes need to be completed when you apply now, and they are Bio 180, Bio 181, and Bio 119. All the pre reqs are listed on their website under the 2012/2013 section. For the TEAS V test I would suggest getting a very early start on studying and look on here for some great threads on what to study. It is a tought test but not impossible! Its great that you already have your CNA completed because I had to take that as well It would be great if you got a job as a CNA to keep your skills fresh and prepare you for nursing clinical, if possible. I would sign up for an info session online because you will learn ALL you need to know about the program. Good luck to you!!
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    I was wondering how was the courses thus far? I am planning on applying this March15th for the ADN at Moraine. I am a current student there, completed A&P I and II already and taking Micro and Life span this spring. Also, I have seen a few articles that moraine is no longer accredited. Can you tell me how has that affected the program?

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