Anyone in Americare Institute LPN program in Schaumburg???? =)

  1. If you are currently a student, have graduated or going into this program, how do you like it? Do you feel prepared for nclex? How are the teachers, clinical sites? Anything and everything will be so greatly appreciated! I would love to hear any input that you can provide for me. Thank you. =)
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    really??? no one??? my:
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    I Have a friend that is attending that school right now she says that she loves it!!! She is attending the evening program I was planning to attend that school too but I got accepted to Harper College nursing program so i will be starting this fall!! But I heard its a good school I attended an informational meeting and they said that their NCLEX passing rate is 98% so good luck!!!
  5. by   lvaliav
    Thanks for your reply. I am glad she likes it, I will be trying for the full-time, day time course. Hopefully I will get into that program. Thanks a bunch! Congrats on getting in! Wish you all the best!
  6. by   Marcik8553
    Ivaliav are in the program??? Did you apply already??
  7. by   lvaliav
    Yeah I applied I think i responded to you in another forum. If you don't read that then Ill just copy and paste it here as well:

    I am going there. I have a meeting with Michelle on Monday to give my app in and $1000 dollars.() Anyways I was skeptical about this program too because it was not of a place I have heard about. My sister introduced me because her neighbor is actually almost done with the class. She said it was a good program but it is hard (as any nursing school is) and you have to be on top of your game. If you are wanting to transfer your courses to another school you should talk to the other school about it. My goal is to aim for RN or BSN. St. Xavier's has an LPN-BSN program and when I asked if they would accept the credits from here, they said they would. Just to let you know. =)
    I am going take the A&P courses at Americare in the summer and then officially start the program in Fall.
    This may not have been exactly what you were wanting to hear but it is what I know. Hope I helped somewhat. Best of luck.

  8. by   danita yancey
    I'm new to this site and I also was considering that school. At the time that I was considering this school they didn't have fafsa. Does anyone know if they've received it
  9. by   lvaliav
    I havent heard that they have... so no I dont think so...
    Maybe someone else who knows 100% for sure????
  10. by   AmparoG-Mckinley
    does this school require Hesi to exit be able to sit for boards or any other type of exit exam. watch for those they can be deal breakers some people finish school and can not pass the hesi in 2 tries so they never can become nurses.
    How much is the Americare LPN program in total and can you please give me their phone number and any infomation you know. How long is the course and do they offer RN too?
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    Ok so this is what I know thus far...
    1. Their LPN program is 18,000 something. They increased it this year. Go figure.
    2. if you are wanting to join this year, i dont know if they are still accepting..but they might. here is the site:, the number is on the site.
    3. The LPN program is about one year. I know they have applied for the RN program, but I do not know if they have been given the OK yet. ( ----> that is the site regarding the potential ADN program. But I remember them saying that if they do get the ok, the former LPN students get first dibs on admission.
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    How did your meeting go? I still have not set the day for my meeting and dropping my $1,000. I just feel so overwhelmed with trying to figure out how I will pay for the program. I called them the other day and they said that they were accepted for fasfa but have yet to set it up. I hope that I get the full WIA amount of $8,000. But, there is still $10,000 that I need to pay. And money is the only reason why I have yet to go ahead and turn in my application. The deadline is approaching and I have such a headache thinking about it. Plus, I'm moving to the area this wednesday, and have yet to obtain a job as well. Did you learn anything new from your meeting then what you have previously said?
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    Hi Tenchi675. I did not know they were accepted for FAFSA. I need to jump on that. I am applying to sallie mae private loans because I have no idea how I am going to pay for it all. If you don't mind getting a loan, then you could apply for one. Are you going to be starting the A&P in the fall or the actual nursing courses?
  14. by   tenchi675
    I'm taking the A&P in the fall because I failed it at NIU. Plus since its already included the price I don't see it as being that bad. I called them and they told me that they were accepted for fasfa but they have not set it up. I'm hoping they would have it in time for the fall but I doubt it. The problem with doing a private loan for me is trying to come up with a co-signer for my loan. Also, I hate that they still have not set up the schedule for the fall yet. I went to an info session a year ago and they told me that they did full time evening classes, which I hope they are still doing. Because I'm trying to find a possible day shift cna job somewhere. I took my TEAS test I think in april and they said that they were also working on their RN approval. I wonder if they will have that done by fall or maybe the winter... I'm going to make my appointment sometime this week to turn in my application and $1000. If all goes well I might see you in aug. But, I will love to keep chatting with you. My yahoo im is Tenchi675 if you want to chat.