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As the title states I'm wondering if anyone on allnurses is attending ambria college of nursing in Hoffman estates as a LPN to RN student currently that can help answer a few questions for me. I'm looking to start in September... Read More

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    i agree with amtttherera, although ambria has a high passingrate or use to have a high passing rate make it your last resort, if you absolutely cannot find any other school. my advice for people looking to get more information regarding ambria isto talk to their students and “do not listen to anyone that works for them, orbelieve anything you read here. go to ambria but don’t go on the days they havetheir info session because they normally schedule it on the days lesser students are there because of the fearof talking to the students and find out their true colors. i urge people whoare interested to go to this school to talk to their current students. my daughter goes to this school and heardhorrors on how students are being treated here, now i am on to them, doing myresearch these are the facts andopinions i have found out about ambria so far.
    1. the rn students are feeling cheated they were promised a student loan at thebeginning of the information before thesemester started. at the end of the first semester they were told by the ownerthat he never said such things, now this was after they have already spent over6000 dollars to finish the first semester and most of them felt it was to lateto turn back having already spent so much money.
    2. they were promised they could test out onclasses which they have already done in ambria, they did for pharm to reelpeople in but changed their mind in the middle of second semester at this timestudents have already spent 11000 from their own pocket. to late to turn back?i think so. but let me correct that, they still offer a test out but added moretest. a series of different test to be done in one day. their own instructor even admitted it wasimpossible to pass it. the reason was because they found that the proposed testwas compromised. this was ati which they continue to sell and use as a tool todetermine competency as of today, in fact students who dont buy their ati modules cannot proceed to the next semester also they are selling ati set for 750 dollars while the ati company is selling it for 200. i willbe posting here again if there is in fact someone who passed this test as thereare i heard many smart people in the rn program, therefore someone should atleast pass.
    3. just before the end of the second semester theywere asked to fill out admissions form “again” and were asked to leave thedates blank. suspicious? yes. although i think student who done so were stupidto comply.
    4. as for the lpn program they only have 30something who applied this semester, very low than their usual number becauseof other more reliable and honestschools that are now open for lpn program. they are still the only private lpni think who offers fafsa so that’s their advantage. frankly that’s the onlything going for them.
    1. the quality of their education have greatlydeclined, this information is reflected on their nclex passing rate, which issurprising because they have added more work to students over the years butthese task had absolutely nothing to do with being a good nurse or passing thenclex. they got rid of very good instructors who have worked for them for manyyears and replaced them with lousy teachers who have no experience teaching andput them in demanding classes like medsurge
    2. i think ambria should do something to boosetheir pr, cause they seem to be one of the most hated lpn program in illinoisas shown here and rip off reports. my advice to this school is work to gaintrust and relationshiop with their students. i mean if you plan a school picnicand nobody shows up that should have hinted something. maybe allow old studentsto have some coffee too when your handing them to potential “new” students infront of them. or, maybe allow them to bring coffee in class it could come inhandy when your working 80 hrs a week to pay for your expensive fees. littlechanges like this would be appreciated by students.
    ive laid out fact and opinions if anyonehere needs information about this school i urge you to talk to their studentsand not them or advisors. i feel terrible for sending my daughter here.
    for more victims of this school there aremany non profit student advocates available to offer free legal services. goodluck searching for schools.

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    I'm not sure what happened to you nurse428years, but I've had nothing but positive experiences with Ambria. Most of the "facts" you outline are pretty subjective and open for debate. The school has more than FAFSA going for it. They also have the highest NCLEX pass rate of any proprietary school in Illinois, and a really good faculty.
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    I agree with nurse428years, Ambria does not tell you about the extra charges so called "student services" of $600.00 per semester and the fact that you can not sell back your books. The staff belittles the students and the den backs up to staff and clams there was a misunderstanding. I personally learned this first hand and other students can tell you the same, there passing rate is high only because of the number of students they had "not much". keep looking into other schools, and best of luck.
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    I think you are right nurse428years. I followed your advise and went to their school on a typical class day. me and my friends were sold out to attend their RN program this summer after attending a very convincing information session. Anyway we went their and mingled and talked to students. they had nothing but horrible things to say!!! their experience seems to be so terrible in this school. Broken promises, being lied to, they just wanna get done with it and get the hell out of there. We wer told the only way to survive in this school is hire a secretary coz everything is homework, bite your tongue and be willing to lose your self respect. The RN student wer promised a test out ATI for peds and OB but school has changed it to make students impossible to pass it.they all believe that they are being set to fail this test. some wont even bother to take it. I was very sold with this school because of this oppurtunity to test out.. most of us are.... but if this is true we wont even bother to enroll. u mentioned you would get back to us about it. if anyone did pass the test or did they really sabotage their own student? did anyone pass the test at all? how many took? how many pass? pls let us know here!! thank you
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    I totally agree with nurse428years. I am at this school as an RN student and I can't even believe the way things work here. We were promised financial aid before we started...never happened. We were told we would be able to test out of OB and PEDS and the teacher who is "in charge" of the testing out has openly said on numerous occasions that no one will pass and she will make sure of that because she doesn't feel we should be allowed to test out. Some of the teachers are very hard and have a lot to offer in terms of education, some are so ridiculously unprepared (clinical instructors especially) that it is unreal. I personally am stuck because I have already paid 2 semesters worth of tuition and don't want to lose my money but wow, I cannot believe the way we have been deceived. I really liked Ambria when I started and thought the staff(and the owner) seemed like good people. What I have experienced thus far has not reflected that. It's very disappointing.
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    Think twice before giving this school any of your money. Don't get me wrong, you'll get a good education. But be prepared for the run around at every turn. The instructors are very good, that is the only reason I haven't transferred elsewhere. Their administration is a disorganized mess, especially registration. They don't open registration until 2 weeks before classes start, which is rediculous. They nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING!

    And you can guarantee that "rachelle0117" is someone from Ambria's administration. No student is going to boast about a schools high NCLEX pass rate, and why would anyone add the comment "It has NO FOOD (no pop bottles) in the classroom and NO SMOKING policies that students continue to violate which give the school no choice but to fine those individuals who can not follow rules." Most students are annoyed that administration has nothing beter to do than to the security cameras in the classrooms and come into class and hsnd out fines to students that have a cup of coffee on their desk.

    And the comment " I wonder how much control they have over their clinical sites schedules." They always use the clinical sites as their excuse for waiting until the last minute to offer registration. Funny how all of the other nursing schools in the area don't have the same problem with getting schedules for clinical site.

    And lastly, the current semester OB students have NO clinical site. That's right, they will not see real life patients for OB because they have no clinical site available. Rumor has it that they lost their contract with one of the facilities that offers OB clinical. For the amount of tuition that we pay, that is unacceptable. How are you supposed to get a quality, well-rounded education when you are doing OB clinical on plastic dummies????
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    I would rather get run over by a freight train then to ever go back to this horrible school. I have never felt so out of control of my educational experience. Ambria is a huge money scam in my opinion. Any POSITIVE post on all is probably from one of the total of 5 employees that run this shanty operation. It is truly a shame that everyday people are forced to deal with an "administration". Administration is a pathetic hyped up word for a mere 5 person operation, well maybe 6 if you count the girl that sells books. I like how Ambria has all the "accounting errors". I wonder if they even hired a real accountant. I never doubted the quality of some of the instructors. After losing a couple top notch instructors to Chamberlain, I bet that they post a Craigslist ad bidding to the lowest bidder. If you want to go to a school that clinical instructors DID NOT show up to your Role Transition, then go right ahead. I felt pretty dumb driving at 515am to go to Roseland Community Hospital. I just wish that clinical sites were at higher quality institutions such as Northwestern, Loyola, Advocate. Maybe I just like driving through one of the highest crime rate areas of the city of Chicago to go to my clinicals. Maybe it was the fact that Ambria just is plain horrible. What do I know? Its pretty sad that I never realized how important accreditation really is. What does NCA-CASI really mean? I was personally told by several college advisors that since good ol' Ambria is not HLC accredited, that I was not eligible for their LPN-RN bridge programs. Wen a school not accredited by NLN or HLC, I thnk that the contact hours or something does not match up to NLN or HLC standards. This is just my opinion but like the RN sometimes say: "Your just an LPN"
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    I just graduated from nlnac school as a RN and passed the board! Don't waste your time and money at
    these "for-profit" schools...
    Once you graduate no one will hire you because the school is only state accredited not Nursing!
    Look for a school that is either NLNAC or AACN, especially if you plan to transfer and get a BSN, most hospitals
    are Magnet status.
    My advice to you is just keep on applying at your local city college. The market is over saturated with RN and everyone now wants a BSN.
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    To lababy, what do you mean no one will hire you? All of my fellow students have jobs and I just got hired. When you say it's only state certified and not nursing, what are you saying? I'm on the registry as a nurse. Just wondering what you meant.
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    When I read the previous postings, I get an angry and eerie sense of de-ja-vue. Ambria stole almost a year of my life and about ten thousand dollars. What did I get for it? Well, a bunch of racist African American instructors and administrators (namely, the dean) had a punching bag for awhile, got the last laugh, patted each other on the back, and walked away with my time and money. This school has to be stopped- its mere existence is an insult to the Illinois State Board of Nursing. Shame on them, and shame on Ambria. That school makes me fear ever being a patient in a hospital.

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