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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear,... Read More

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    i should have been more specific. yes, that's true that you can get the medicals anywhere. i have done this in the hospital because my
    primary care physician's office is in there.
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    Hello Everyone! I've gotten accepted into the day program, but really need to be in the night program. Please let me know if you are interested in swapping. Please email me Thanks a lot!
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    I don't have insurance so I'm kind of losing my mind here.

    When I called about the additional background check, I was told that we do have to do another one. As usual, depending on with whom you speak, the answers differ!

    I went to RUSH to get the physical and titers done. They said that they don't even do a 10-panel drug screen and that it has to be sent out. Normally they do 5- or 8-panel.

    Also, the form that the doctor had to fill out where they have to list if systems are normal included a urinogenital/rectal line. Do they seriously want the doctor to do a rectal exam? What have you guys done? Same question for hearing and vision.

    These requirements seem like they are all over place with no indication of what is to be expected about certain things.

    Ugh. I hope the CPR class that I'm doing in Evanston is acceptable. It says it's for Healthcare Professionals so I hope it's fine!
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    I don't see why we would need another back ground check! This is absurd, I thought they were suppose to send us more info...
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    Google "Mercyworks" for the 10-panel drug screen. I believe it's $32 and that's where Truman suggests (but you can go anywhere). It's an occupational health place associated with Resurrection Hospital. I think they do physicals and TB testing too. Not sure about titers.

    No, you're not expected to actual get all those examinations. I found that docs will fill that out based on what you say.
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    @Katja508 - I also don't have health insurance so if you find anything out please let me know and I will do the same.

    If anybody can recommend low-cost health insurance that will meet the requirements for the Fall clinicals please share here.

    Re: Mercy Works - I got my employment drug screen for my P/T job at CCC at the office downtown in Printer's Row. The people there were nice and it was quick and easy. The website is Occupational Health | Mercy Hospital & Medical Center :: Chicago
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    Anyone still looking to switch from days to evenings? I would like to have day classes if anyone's willing to switch.
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    Marrajess: please email me: or call 6083356128. I can def switch. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone, I just spoke with the clinical coordinator at Truman (didn't catch her name) and she said that the background check we submitted for our application in February is all we need for now. In December we will need a new background check and we will find out more then. She is also supposed to email me info on the 10 panel drug screen test. I will post that info when I get it.
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    ok, here is the info from the clinical coordinator at truman, ms. walker. fun!

    "good morning jessica,
    it was a pleasure to speak with you this morning. here is the information you requested below:

    cpr associates, inc. website is
    continuing education department at truman college 773-907-4440
    chicago’s pulse and the website is
    malcolm x college emt program: offers classes for $50.00, contact them at 312-850-7410

    titers and the 10 panel drug screen can be obtained from your healthcare provider. if you do not have a health care provider some services can be obtained through mercy works lab and testing at the following locations:

    mercy works lab testing sites
    mercy works at 3316 s. ashland, chicago, il 60608 (773) 254-2133
    mercy works at 2600 s. michigan, chicago, il 60616 (312) 567- 2979
    mercy works at 4900 n. cumberland, chicago, il 60706 (708) 583-1524

    fees as of today but subject to change:

    10 panel urine drug screen $32.00

    mmr titer- $100.00

    varicella titer -$100.00

    hepatitis b antibody titer- $38.00

    please view website:

    then click on occupational health for prices and locations
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    marrajess: thanks for the update! Here is another website to CRP classes downtown Chicago (Harold Washington Library seems like an attractive choice) Chicago, IL : Chicagoland CPR & Safety Training LLC.
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    Thanks for all of the info everyone.

    How many of you are going to get another background check done?
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    Bethany1975: just spoke with clinical coordinator. I was told that we do not need to do criminal background check now as we did that for application to the program. However, we will need to re-due it before January of 2013 as criminal background check expires after a year (we will be reminded about that later on once the semester starts).