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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    I received day and need evenings! Leave me an email if you want to switch! Thanks!

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    I also received day but need evenings. Anyone wants to switch? Please email at
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    To add to my last post, I just started a facebook page for our class: if anyone's interested, please join. We can continue our nursing school info sharing there as well as here. If the link does not work, you can search for Truman College Nursing Class of 2014 and the page should pop up Look forward to meeting all!
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    The link worked great! Thank you.
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    Hey guys! I talked to someone at Truman today and was told that it would be one day but it could be any of the days listed. But the wording does not sound like that so I'm still a bit anxious. Dr. Ousley was out of the office today but should be back tomorrow so I will call again and get it straight from her.

    She didn't say anything about a particular clinic through which to get the drug panel/ health check. I assume it is just wherever, as long as they do everything on the list.

    As for the CPR class, I don't think the basic CPR is the one we need. Most places offer a separate (or longer) class "for healthcare professionals". At some places, it costs more than the basic.

    I will, hopefully, be talking to Dr. Ousley tomorrow and will update if needed!

    Also, thanks Sskrips for starting the Facebook page! What a great idea!
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    Clinical is only one day. They just want to let you know what days will be your options. What you get will be based on what's actually available when it's your turn to register on registration day (based on the number you pick).

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in - I work nights and I get bored
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    Quote from vanny815
    Hello everyone i currently work at Resurrection Medical Center as a Nursing Assistant and was told if i get hired after graduation it will be good luck because they are currently ONLY hiring BSN nurses. Same thing with Rush when they offered me a position during the interview they informed me they are only hiring BSN as well. Im pretty sure all Chicago hospitals will be implementing this policy and very soon which is why it worries me. Its already hard enough to get hired as a new grad.
    What this means is that 1) you may need to accept the fact that you might have to start your carreer in a nursing home, clinic, or home health and 2) that you will need to complete an RN-BSN program. The benefit of going the ADN route is that you can work (maybe not in your ideal job but it is experience) and that in the end, the monetary cost will be less.

    And I've heard enough times that an ADN that is in good standing in a hospital already is more likely to be hired than a BSN that is new to the system. There may just be some expectations for BSN completion attached to the job.
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    I got my email and was accepted to evenings. I am happy with night school but if people have major emergencies about which session they get (day or night) please keep in touch because I only have a mild preference for one session or the other and it is possible as I learn more and things unfold that day session might be as good or better than night session for my situation.
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    newyork27, i would love to switch with you if the offer still stands. I work full time during the day and can only do nights. Please email me at if you would not mind switching. Thanks!
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    I got the online packet and i will be taking the evening class.
    Quick Question about the things that needed to be done by 15th of June.
    it said in the packet that we have to complete our criminal background check and we have already done that when we applied to the program. so are we have to do it again because i did not found any information in the packet on where??????????

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