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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear,... Read More

  1. by   g.mel
    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know if the CPR class offered at Truman is the correct CPR class?
  2. by   Bethany1975
    DO we have to do another background check? That's kind of silly. I better find out because I won't be happy about paying for another one.
  3. by   g.mel
    CPR - CPR Associates, Inc.

    Their class costs $40 if anyone is interested

    @Bethany1975: i know what you mean! i thought that was a requirement when we first did the nursing application
  4. by   Anna2012
    Bethany1975, I doubt it. Truman's application process always has had a ton of typos and errors. They are figuring things out for fall 2012 as we go, that's why there's all these upcoming and last minute emails.
  5. by   nursinghereicome2012
    I just dropped off my payment at the the City of Evanston Fire Dept and I confirmed it is the course for health care providers. It should be acceptable.
  6. by   gemini_girl
    Quote from g.mel
    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know if the CPR class offered at Truman is the correct CPR class?
    Yes, it is. It is the "AHA CPR for Healthcare Providers". I took this class last year.
  7. by   Endless_STi
    I have to cancel my CPR class at MXC on June 30th because of the deadline requirements. I am planning on taking that CPR class on Peterson as well. As far as the background check, I emailed them and they stated that if you completed one prior to completing your application, you do not need to do another one.
  8. by   Anna2012
    Has anyone heard any new info on where to do the drug screening? I haven't received a response to my email from last week.
  9. by   lungu2007
    were you guys able to switch hours? I called Truman and I was told to email Vanisha harris because they don't know how to switch from days to evenings.
  10. by   jrschaaf
    I tried to email Vanisha to see if I can get any more information, since they haven't sent us another email. If I find out anything I'll let you know - I'm planning to make an appointment with my regular doctor for the dug test and titration to try to get it done by the deadline (although I doubt that's a firm date -- the application we submitted said we needed our healthcare stuff turned in by July, not June) and will just do that if I don't hear anything further.
  11. by   violet.78
    Hi everyone starting nursing program at Truman in fall 2012 and congratulations on acceptance. I am new to this site, but I enjoy reading all your posts.
    The 10 panel urine drug screen can be done in any hospital. I paid $50 and it usually takes 1 day to get the results.
    The CPR classes will be also at Wright College on June 12 and that's $60.
    Does anyone knows, if Truman helps to get the health insurance that we need for clinicals?
    Thank you for any response.
  12. by   Anna2012
    violet.78, i'm handling my drug screen at my primary care physician's office as part of my physical to get the forms completed. i really hope this is okay.
  13. by   sskrips
    Hi all, from what I was told we can get our medicals anywhere.