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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    Ok, did a little research into CPR courses, it seems like the going rate is $50-$55 not including the book $5-$10. (Enjoy CPR, Pulse and chicagocprnow). I did find one company that does online certification Online CPR Certification & Online First Aid Certification - CPR Recertification Course, CPR Classes - American Health Care Academy for $19.99.

    Please let me know if you find any others.

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    Quote from nursinghereicome2012
    Thanks all! Congrats Bethany!!!!!!!Does anyone know where we can get a good price on the health carr provider CPR?
    Now don't quote me on this but my aunt who is a CNA told me that some fire departments offer the class for free. I never looked into it because I had just gotten my CPR card when she told me this, but it might be worth a shot. She got it at the Elmwood Park Fire Dept. and apparently they offer it twice a year. I got mine for $40, that was the best price I could find. I went to the CPR Associates, both websites are below if anyone is interested.

    CPR - CPR Associates, Inc.


    Oh and I would make sure CCC accepts online CPR, some schools don't.
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    CPR classes are offered in Truman. See information below


    AHA CPR for Healthcare Providers
    This course designed for healthcare providers teaches
    cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and relief of foreign
    body airway obstruction for adults, children and infants.
    On successful completion of the course, you will receive a
    course completion card issued through the American Heart
    Association. The required textbook is available at Beck’s
    Bookstore. You must register in advance. We cannot permit
    registrations the day of the class. Fee $49

    12161 VOC TR 6004 FC1
    9:00 AM-1:00 PM F L829 M. Stamos
    May 25th
    12482 VOC TR 6004 FC2
    9:00 AM-1:00 PM F L829 M. Stamos
    Jun 22nd

    Continuing Education-
    TO REGISTER CALL (773) 907-4440
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    Congratulations to all who got accepted in the program.

    Good luck guys!!!
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    Congrats everyone! Can't wait to start fall semester! Also fire department does a great job with CPR classes, though I am pretty sure it is not free.
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    Hello there,
    they have CPR class on May 4th at Truman as well. I just registered for it .
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    Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted recently! Woohoo!

    I just looked up some CPR classes and found this more reasonably priced one:

    CPR Classes - Fire | City of Evanston $30

    I registered for the class at the end of May since I want to see the email first to ascertain the specific requirements before paying for the wrong one! I assumed we need to take the one geared for Professionals rather than the Layperson class. At other places, the professional class is $15 more but here it seems to be the same price!

    Can't wait for that email!
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    I just signed up for the Evanston one at the end of May also.
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    Thanks for the info on it Kathryn!
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    I received my acceptance email yesterday afternoon to Truman. I thought I was for sure not accepted. So crazy!
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