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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    Yes, next week is class registration and in August its orientation.

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    Yeah, the 24th is probably when we go in and grab a number to register. Also, the 4 day orientation does seem like an overkill... Did anyone notice it states Theater in MXC for day 1, but they didn't specify which theater A,B,C,D? Oh, and did anyone get a call from the Uniform Co. telling them to pick up their uniforms yet? If I don't hear from them this week, I will probably call them on Monday to see what is going on.
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    Does anyone know how the registration will look like?
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    Has anyone looked at the ridiculous nonsense they plan to go over during orientation?? Really, Truman?? I'm not stressing...
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    No, no call yet
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    No call yet either
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    One 8-hour orientation session would give you 75% of the content with 25% of the scheduling conflicts and travel.
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    Have informed by a 2nd year nursing student, that you pull a number out of a box. Then students register in order of the number they pulled.
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    If anyone needs a stethoscope and has not yet bought one, I realized I had an extra brand new (still in original package) that I bought for just about $25 a while back, and would like to sell for $15. Same one they are selling at Cintas. Send me a message on here if interested. I'm near the Truman area.
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    Hi there, i was wondering if anyone would like to do this in advance: so in case i get 4pm classes-and if someone of you gets 6pm classes but would like to switch, want to exchange numbers? I hope my message makes sense in other words, i really need the 6pm classes instead of 4. Thanks!

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