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Hello Fellow Student Nurses! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (Chicago, IL) regarding acceptance into their RN Residency Program at this point in time? If you have, please... Read More

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    Has anybody that interviewed heard anything back from Advocate?? I'm nervously and anxiously waiting for that phone call i really hope i got in!!

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    Did anyone ever hear?
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    did anyone take the pep and got '[color=#7d7d3c]candidates must receive a passing score in order to continue in the selection process. at this time, you will not move forward in the selection process for positions that have patient contact. you will be eligible to re-take this assessment in 6 months.'[color=#7d7d3c]
    ​is this a fail?
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    Yes, that is a fail.

    Just as it says you will not be considered for any nursing position for 6 months. This means that your applications in the future will go nowhere. After 6 months, you can apply again, take the test again (if offered to you) and the same will apply - you have to pass it to be considered.

    It's a stupid test. The only way to pass is to answer the questions as if you were an idiot. Remember this advice for next time.
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    Geez that test made me question my own personality as a nurse.
    I love nursing ever since I was a child and I really do have a concern with patient's welfare.
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    That program is EXTREMELY difficult to get into. They get 400 + apps for only a dozen or so spots per department needs. You have to be top in ur class with GLOWING recs. good luck
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    When do the postings go up for the RN residency program? I graduate in December and would love to apply for the spring program.
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    That test is for all applicants regardless. You could have 10 years exp. and still fail = no interview. It is one of the "joke" psych tests. No clinical questions at all.
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    If you graduate in December, there is a Spring cohort I believe that it might be too late to apply for, and a Fall, the webpage for Masonic has more details. Google, Illinois Masonic RN Residency program. Word of warning... they are a magnet hospital, if you do not have you BSN, it's a waste of time. You have to submit a personal letter, one letter of recommendation, resume, cover letter and million other things. It takes time to put together. They told my group during the orientation to the application process they rarely take ADNs. Only if that ADN REALLY stands out. I didn't get in obviously. I didn't kiss any butt in nursing school, did well, but not 4.0 and I was only an ADN. Sorry to sound cynical, just telling my experience. But Good Luck, don't get discouraged and if you never try you'll never get a yes. Congrats on graduating!!

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