Looking to jump from CNA to LPN to RN. Anybody done that?

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    :rollI am holding on to the rumor that one can become a CNA then :roll Roll into a LPN program with aid from an employer. :chuckle Has anyone taken that path? I am looking at going to CSI's nursing program but I am wondering if it would be worth it to get my CNA and or LPN before :roll roling on to an RN program at a major College. I have a low GPA so I am hoping this career path will be more hands on and the classes will be more career oriented. Feedback will be much apretiated.

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    I know there are employers that are willing to assist with college at CSI provided you contract to be a nurse with them after you graduate. I am getting ready to graduate from the RN program here at CSI. It is a tough program but very good. I personally would suggest going straight for RN. It takes a bit more time now, but when you transition from lpn to rn its pretty rough too. You still have to go back and take microbio, a year of anatomy, college algebra, ect which are all required for RN. Then you have to finish the last year of RN school. If ya have any questions let me know
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    I went through the LPN program at CSI and worked as a therpy tech while I went through the program. I am now working as a LPN and I have a month to go to finish the RN program. I would recommend doing this because it gives you a good base to go from but don't expect the LPN program to be easy, it is much harder than you might think so be prepared. Good Luck! :-)
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    I just recently got accepted into the classes to become a CNA my class schedule was for 2 weeks 7a-3:30p YES alot of hours but it's only for two weeks thank goodness :trout: LoL!! but while going through the interview the nurse said if i sign a 2 years contract with them i can get my LPN free and it only takes a year instead of the normal 2. this is the most terrfic idea i've heard in a long time 1 year to become an LPN and no tution cost!!! now i'm working at NHC and maybe your not really wanting to work with geriatrics but i love them there are a few who a tad bit crazy but others are wonderful i love going to work which is awesome to say considering i've tried every job in the world and never was satisfied!! but again my nurse told she's pretty sure ALL NHC places do this mostly for the community colleges around you but luckally my communty college (columbia state, columbia tn) is top notch for nursing and EVERYONE wants to go there!! but i hope you consider this..!!! they haven't said to much about the LPN transition to a RN but once your become an LPN i know some hospitals provide the money for you to become an RN while signing a contract with them! hope i helped!!
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    Quote from idahomachine
    :rolli am holding on to the rumor that one can become a cna then :roll roll into a lpn program with aid from an employer. :chuckle has anyone taken that path? i am looking at going to csi's nursing program but i am wondering if it would be worth it to get my cna and or lpn before :roll roling on to an rn program at a major college. i have a low gpa so i am hoping this career path will be more hands on and the classes will be more career oriented. feedback will be much apretiated.

    [s]i think the boise va have a program that pays for tuition and books if you work for them......[/s]
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    i work as a CNA and get my tuition paid by my employer under the contract to work after graduation as RN for one year. I believe everyones situation is different, keep up the good work at researching your options! and of course best wishes:spin: :spin:
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    I'm in Coeur d'Alene, in their 2-year RN program. In our class of 60 we've got about 10-15 CNAs ranging from 20 to 50 years old. You'll hit the floor running once you start your clinicals and you'll be glad you did it. I almost wish I would have become a CNA first, so I'd be a bit more familiar with the floor. That advantage would have helped a lot my first year.

    Either way, you'll be working and the years will go by... so why not do what you really want to do? It's worth it in the end
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    :smilecoffeecup: I am a CNA with over 15 yrs. experience, I work in one of the local Hospitals in my hometown, I went to Pn school for a yr. I did not complete and yhe school will not let me I am a B average in my subjects, I am tired I want to be a nurse, I just want someone to except my credits and let me finish, so I could make a better living for myself . Do you know how I can accomplish this. Catherine
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    If you are looking for a school it may be hard because it seems everybody is trying to be a nurse, but a word to the wise DON'T GIVE UP!!!
    If school has taught me anything as long as you keep trying you will get on the list. Make the nursing instructors take notice of who you are. I have been through the LPN and RN program and I will tell you its not what you know but who you know. If you have 15 years exp. as a CNA make sure they know that it will give you extra points towards the program and you will gain respect of the instructors for your hard work. I have 8 credits left after this semester for my BSN and most of the people in my classes haven't got into the RN program yet. Please don't give up we need more good nurses out there.
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    I actually did that.....I applied and entered the LPN program then after first semester I recieved my LPN then I transitioned into the RN program. LPN's at CSI do a ton more clinicals than RN students. I felt that I was better prepared and did fairly well when I transitioned into the RN program. I am just finishing up and am precepting right now getting ready to graduate in December. It was more money do it the way I did, but I think that I am happy that I did it this way, it really only put me behind a semester and I have a nursing license to use.
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