job market in southeast idaho

  1. Hi I was wondering how is the job market for pocatello, blackfoot and idaho falls? Also how the pay is.
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  3. by   kubivern
    As I understand it, right now the area is somewhat saturated with nurses due to the recession; the number of nursing programs in the area; corporate philosophies; and the reduced workload as people postpone non-critical surgery and procedures until the economy brightens.

    There are of course still positions available, but I have heard each opening will get 10 to 20 qualified applicants, especially in the hospitals (EIRMC, Bingham, and Portneuf). I know some nurses that have found jobs quickly in the newer long-term care facilities, as this industry seems less recession prone (we do get older even if we have no money - nurses especially!).

    It also depends on your license - right now, at least I have heard, several facilities are cutting back on LPNs in preference to RNs - probably some type of drive toward Magnet status.

    I would look at each of the major facilities employment websites, then possibly search the phonebook or the web for the smaller facilities.
  4. by   mommapunkin
    Portneuf is opening a new hospital in 2011 Im hoping to get employed there....Im moving for family reasons and would hate to be jobless

    But new hospitals always need more staff!
  5. by   tkane
    There are 3 LPN & 3 RN programs in this area.The job market is flooded with nurses and competition is very tough due to those schools. Because of this the pay scale is not as high as other areas. I have a job but have been looking for another one for the last two years.
  6. by   sandypalma
    I know its a year and so but did portneuf hire you?

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