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Hi! My DH and I are considering a move to the Boise area for my DH's job. I'm an ER nurse and very much want to stay in ED nursing. Can anyone tell me about salaries (here in Chicago I'm close to $23.00/hour before... Read More

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    And as far as tons of Californians selling their houses, making alot of money and moving, can you really blame them? Cali is expensive to live and some people decide it's not for them anymore. It gets really old hearing people talk about how Californians are ruining everything.[/quote]

    *** There are very real reasons for the complaints about Californians ruining everything. They have done so in places that they move to in large numbers. The problem is not that they move to places like Idaho and SW Oregon. The problem is that after they get there they want to turn it into northern versions of Ca. I strongly suspect that the laws banning such things as bear hunting with hounds could have only been passed with large numbers of Californians voting for it.
    Personaly I'll take hoards of locusts.
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    Rather than complain about "californians", which is an etheral way to describe any outsider, you should really be complaining about property owners (who were originally Idahoans) getting greedy and raising the prices of their properties for these outsiders. You should blame all the people who shop at Wal-Mart and all the big box stores that are cropping up in what used to be rural areas of Idaho--developers aren't going to build malls and Wal-Marts if nobody shops at them. And I bet you anything that most of the people who shop at Wal-Mart are native Idahoans who can't afford to shop anywhere else because they have such low paying jobs due to the depressed job market in Idaho.

    I grew up in rural North Idaho in a small town of 300 people and I have heard people blaming "californians" for everything my whole life. It is a cop-out and an indicator of your intelligence and level of sophistication when you start blaming the "californians". Like I said before, blame the greedy property owners who artificially inflate the property values and the cheap shoppers who would rather shop at Wal-Mart than at the local mom and pop on the dirt road that has been around for years.

    But don't despair! The job market and culture of Idaho overall is pretty depressed and will continue to be for years to come, which will only serve to keep most outsiders away. Idaho still has a pretty bad reputation on the national level, which few in the state have done anything to combat.
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    :wink2: [quote=caligirl03]
    Quote from PMFB-RN

    It gets really old hearing people talk about how Californians are ruining everything.

    I so agree!
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    All the folks we know in your neck of the woods that don't want people moving in only say, "We don't want Californians". Not that they don't like Californians as's just that they have come in and driven the prices of land to a PHENOMINAL RATE, since they could get twice (or better) the property for the same price they paid in California. Had they been smart, they would ahve been willing to only pay a fair price for what they have bought up, and not driven the price to such outrageous amounts. The native Idaho folks we know just see their Idaho turning into another high-priced place to live like California, not their simple, fairly priced world. That is understandable to a reasonable person.I know I cannot afford to move out there, pay some horrendous price for an acre, then pay to build a home too!!! I looked at the paper, and found a "great deal" (NOT!), on an older manufactured home for $189,000 ( on a small lot no less)!!!!!!!!!! Can't blame folks for being upset. It aggravates me that I can't afford to go there and buy a place in the mountians because I don't have $500,000 to do so. Once they find out we are not from California (come to help drive prices through the roof where nobody else can afford them) they are very gracious and welcoming. In fact they are BEGGING us to come there to live. I had a phone interview with St. Luke's not long ago and the nurse manager talked to me for 120 minutes. They have called the house several times since, wanting me to head out there.....and I won't have a year in as RN in hospital until this coming June.
    Take care and best wishes.
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    Boise is a great place to live. We have quite a few hospitals in the area that you could possibly work at. My mom is an RN at St Luke's and loves working there. If you need any info on any properties or maybe want to talk to a Realtor check out this helpful website.
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    I am sorry but as a veteran ED nurse with over 25 years experience (20 of those at Saint Alphonsus) I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt Saint Alphonsus Emergency Department is an absolutely HORRIBLE place to work.This place seriously wants to work you to death with forced overtime, ever increasing call shifts, ever increasing mandatory classes that you must take on your own time many that are political and CYA in nature (in fact more often then not you are forced to use your PL vacation time to take mandatory classes) and have no bearing on how I do my job and absolutely no lunch breaks.This place flat out refuses to hire the appropriate number of nurses for staffing needs.Complete disconnect between the administration and the "worker bees".I have worked in many larger urban EDs but nothing as miserable as this.They seriously would like you to pull up a camper and live there.STAY AWAY FROM THIS ED IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY.
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    Too many people have moved to this state totally overwhelming the infrastructure and especially the emergency care system and ER managers and ssenior management could care less how miserable their staff are.
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    Californians have pretty much destroyed this state.As a 5th generation Idahoan moderate in my political beliefs I have no problem with diversity and change but many of the Californians that move here bring a mindset that is very arrogant,pushy and unwanted.Our highways have been turned into road rage centers, our Idaho heritage has been stomped on by PETA loving animal rights wackjobs and although I adhere to some liberal beliefs they would want us to adhere to Hollywood political idealogy that is so far out in left field that it makes a reasonable person sick to their stomach.These two cultures collide in a big way.
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    Please no more Californian.We are full.
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    Hi blu223,
    I am set to start a nursing program in the Fall and was wondering if you know if that's how the whole hospital is or just the ED? I know I still have a couple of years before I will be able to look for RN jobs.. Thanks!

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