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A topic contains a title and a message. To make a topic stand out you must create a descriptive title - something that makes the reader take action. For example, the following compares titles... Read More

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    Thanks for the add-on Joe. I used to be a posting fiend. Then I started having gray-outs in my left eye..well I still had my right. Then my fingers decided to go on strike at the oddest times. THEN my glutes decided sitting the brief time to post was too long. Sometimes the strikes go on for days in tandem, but usually one at a time. This week I'm reading with my right eye and typing one handed with my left. Ain't getting old FUNNNNNNNN?
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    I cant find where to find the "start a topic now'..
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    Quote from babusgirl
    I cant find where to find the "start a topic now'..
    Basically, you find the forum you want to post in, which are listed on the site map, then click on the button to the right that looks like this
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    Also, here is a "how to" video that explains it all. Hope that helps!
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    I love the quote form Isaac Asimov!
    In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate ~ Isaac Asimov
    I have never heard it before, but he is a great author. The first book I read by him was 'On the Human Body and the Human Brain'
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    How do you add a picture to the "?" Box?
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