How do I start a new topic on

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    You are ready to submit your first topic. But, you don't know how to start. This article will help you get started. We will break down the steps for you and explain the different type of topics that you can submit. Please feel free to post any questions that you have. This article is targeted for new and repeat visitors.

    How do I start a new topic on

    Before posting any topics we do ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic/post in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours.

    You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, we ask that you keep text/chat speak to a minimum. We make this request to ensure that your topic gets the attention that it deserves.

    What is a topic? A topic is a subject of discussion. It could be written to teach, to inform, or to entertainment. It's purpose is to start a conversation. Members have posted the following topics (but not limited to) on allnurses(all varied in length).
    1. Conversational
    2. Questions and Answers
    3. Articles
    4. Reviews
    5. Informational
    6. Photo Sharing
    7. Debates
    8. Venting (our members love to vent - it's a great stress reliever)

    How to Start a Topic...

    Topics can be started from any page on To start a topic please click the

    At this point, you will be directed to choose a forum for your topic:

    When you are finished selecting your forum (category) click on the Next Step button. You will be directed to the Topic Editor.

    NOTE: This step is only required if you click on the Start A New Topic button on the main page or on a page where no forum topics are listed. To skip this step I recommend you start a topic from within the forum that you wish to submit your topic into. For example, if your topic is about NCLEX you should visit the Nursing Student > NCLEX Discussion Forum and then click on the Start A New Topic button. You will skip the above step and go directly to the Topic Editor.

    The Topic Editor is straightforward but I will comment on the following options:

    What is a Content Type?

    Articles, journals, reviews, cartoons, photos, comments, replies, threads, topics, etc are all CONTENT. Content absorbed by our readers. Content written by our members.

    We give authors a choice in how content is displayed via Content Type. Content Type is a label. It is used to filter content (for readers). It is also used to format / style content (for authors). This makes your content easy to find ... Easy to read.

    We offer the following Content Type:

    Thread (Default Content Type) - Most topics will fall under this type. If topic does not conform to our Article Rules then submit as Thread.

    Article - Articles include Reviews and Journals. When labeled as an "Article" your copy will be made available to readers separately in your profile page and on the main page. Writing articles will help you quickly build an online identity.

    Review - Reviews are articles about a product or service. A Review is written and shared so that you can learn from others' experiences about a product or service.

    Journal - Journals are articles that chronicles the life of the authors' nursing career journey. These personal articles are labeled as 'Journal'. A Journal article may include accomplishments, experiences, or day-to-day events. They are available so that you can learn from others' nursing career experiences, failures, and celebrations.

    NOTE: If you want to submit an Article the following applies:

    Articles are reviewed by staff before going public. Chat txt, 500 word limit, grammar, punctuation, are some of the reasons your content may not be approved as an article. We are not English teachers so we are not looking for perfection. But, we do want to make sure that our readers can follow it. That our readers will enjoy it.

    We also offer the following "AUTO" content types:

    The following labels are automatically added by the system or staff...
    1. Photo (when topic contains a photo)
    2. Album (when topic contains multiple photos)
    3. FAQ (aka Stickies; manually added by Staff if content deemed important)

    We added a new section to the Topic Editor called How To Increase Readership. This section offers additional options and tips that will help you label, identify, and filter topics. It's a great way to increase comments, Likes, and followers.

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    Thanks for your information !
    I was a bit confused about where to start.
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    It confuses me how to start. But before that I love reading testimonies and facts nurses had to go through before they could get to what they wanted to be. Hope this site can help my journey once I get to the US.
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    I'm still kind of confused. Maybe I will just read a few of the other articles before I post my question.I'm sure I'm not the only one with the problem I have.
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