What is your go-to book for hospice documentation?

  1. I'm new and looking for the best resources.
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  3. by   tewdles

    Hospice documentation is directed by the Conditions of Participation.
    If you learn what those are you will be ahead of the game.

    If you are using an EMR, the documentation will be driven by the CoPs, the POC, etc.

    Did that answer your question at all?
  4. by   St_Claire
    That does help, thank you.

    In home health they have a handbook referred to as "the little red book". The author also makes a version for hospice but I could not find any reviews for it. When you do your charting is there a book you refer to for guidelines? Or will it just be the CoP?
  5. by   tewdles
    I do use the Corridor handbook for reference
  6. by   tnguy31
    Hi Tewdles, I'm very new to hospice as well as nursing. I try to find the Corridor handbook that you mention, but nothing related pops up on google. May I ask what is the exact name of the handbook?
  7. by   tewdles
    Corridor Group Store

    This book outlines eligibility criteria, and then all of the basic requirements for each discipline in common LOCs.
    It is a good resource for those new to hospice.
    Good luck.